Thursday, August 11, 2011

Into the woods

As promised, here are my friend Sunira's photos from our field trip through the farm park on Sunday. Since Sunira is a photographer and she and Jeremy were showing me some new locations, I got to do some portrait modeling, which was fun. I think Sunira did an awesome job with setting up each shot and figuring out which locations would work best. Jeremy did a great job with the lighting, too. It was wonderful to learn more about the farm park -- a place I thought I knew everything about -- by going through thick fields, creeks, woodsy paths, and on one occasion, barbed wire. I failed terribly to take many photos when I was with them in the fields -- mainly because it was such an education in good photography to watch them in action. Hopefully this will mean more photo adventures together in the future ...

Sunira also does many engagement/wedding/portrait sessions, so if you're in the Atlanta/north Georgia area, here is her website. She is creative and awesome to work with, and doesn't mind going further (in our case, deep into the woods) to get the best creative shots!

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