Friday, August 5, 2011

Run, run, tangerine skies

 Dress: Spense; Sweater: Ruche;
Headband: from Philippines, gift from sister; Shoes: Zigi Soho.

So, big personal news: I received an assistantship position for grad school.  I'll be doing publicity for a marketing department, so I'm really happy that it's close to what I'll be studying in school. I'm so excited, and have been simultaneously celebrating and preparing for it. The last two years or so I've been getting ready for graduate school to start, and it's so crazy that it's finally happening. I've been teeming over with energy all week, and like good ol' inertia, I think this news was the swift kick I needed to start getting things in motion.

Now to the sartorial: I have worn this outfit a few times already, and I love how the lace accents complement each other. I took these photos a couple weeks ago before I went to the beach. How things have changed since then!

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