Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We meet again, O Muse

Dress: Body Central; Shoes: Zigi Soho; 
Necklace: Hazel and Harlow; Bag; Fossil, thrifted.

For longtime readers of this blog, this place may look very familiar -- I got to revisit my beloved farm park over the weekend. My dear friends Sunira and Jeremy visit there often, so we went on a photo adventure together through the park. They were kind enough to show me some of their favorite spots -- many of which I had never seen before because I had never ventured that far back into the woods. I'll be sharing some of Sunira's photos later this week -- she did a wonderful job and it was certainly an education just watching her work her photography skills.

The above photos are ones I took before we journeyed into the woods. This farm park is what really sparked my self-photography, and the landscapes often inspired me to get more creative with my camera. It was comforting to be back in a place that I used to be so familiar with, and I was glad that the lighting worked out. The dress is on loan from my sister -- I'm still glad that I can raid her closet every once in a while. 

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