Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calm before the storm

 Sweater, boots: Target; Leather skirt: Old Navy; 
Tights: Simply Vera; Printed scarf: thrifted; Coat: Fabio.
Photos of me by Jeremiah.
We took these photos right before the snowstorm hit. My Target boots have pretty much been shredded during the last couple days. No doubt they were getting pretty old but the ice and snow have pretty much decimated them. I'll be glad to wear other shoes after all the snow is gone ... or consider buying a new pair of long brown boots. Do any of you have a favorite brand?

My car has been on the fritz the last couple days, so Jeremiah and I have been spending more time together by using his car. Because of this he's been taking a few more outfit photos of me than usual. I've discussed before in Hello, Monkeyface's feature that I like being the main photographer,  but now it seems that sometimes I let him take my photos during the winter because I hate making him wait around while I set up my tripod and painstakingly take all of them myself. Although I do like his photography skills, I like seeing the differences between our styles -- I usually try different spots but my angles are usually the same, whereas he likes me to stay in the same spot but likes to try taking photos from different viewpoints. 
Do you take your own outfit photos, or do you rely on someone else, and why? Does the weather affect your photography style?

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