Friday, October 15, 2010

One year

Dress: vintage, thrifted, Jane Baar;
Shoes: Target;
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft.
Photos by Jeremiah.

Happy birthday ... to this blog! Sidewalk Chalk has been around for one year (tomorrow). And what's a birthday celebration without balloons?

For this week, I wanted to do an extra-special outfit post. I saved my prettiest dress (a thrift find from a couple months ago) and wore it last weekend to one of the most scenic places around -- a cotton field in the outskirts of the county. Jeremiah and I had so much fun putting this together, from buying the balloons to finding the perfect spot, to watching the cars slow down by us as their passengers tried to figure out what we were up to.

This particular outfit and photo location are indicative of how much my life has changed in the last year. A year ago, my sister Nikki and I started this blog. Actually, my sister started this blog specifically for me to get started in blogging. I had spent a few years obsessed with reading style blogs, but couldn't muster the courage to do it myself until forced. At the time, I was a recently married college graduate who was unhappy with the job market, my internship and just my overall way of being that I needed a new creative outlet to express myself. Back then, I knew what kind of person I wanted to be, and how I wanted to dress, but I just hadn't bridged that gap yet. Jeremiah encouraged me to keep pursuing blogging, and so I gave it a try and a here goes.

What's changed in a year? Certainly I've gained a newfound sense of confidence in my sartorial choices. I can wear all the weird and delightful dresses in my closet, and put things together and wear them, and feel absolutely myself in those threads. I can now go through life not caring what the "invisible audience" thinks of how I look. But that confidence extends to more than just my wardrobe. I've been able to come out of my shell and find a way to be myself -- whether it was through my writing voice, or making some life (grad school!) decisions. I'm still growing and learning those things, but I'm glad that I've been able to use this space for that.

The one thing I could not ever prepare myself for was this blogging community. My life has changed because of you, and now I cannot imagine my life without your words, e-mails, comments, and most importantly -- your friendship. It's hard to imagine that some of the nicest people I've ever met have been online, and if anyone has any doubt about the kindest of strangers, they only need to create a blog account and communicate with you all.

Thank you for everything in the last year.

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  1. Joann...Happy Anniversary hunnie!! Im so happy for you...and I loved reading this post:) You are right....the support and encouragement of the blogging community is one that I never imagined as are a gorgeous savvy and above all, a super sweet person...inside and out:) I wish you all the happiness and success that the next year is SURELY going to bring you:)

  2. Oh my god, Joann! You are so beautiful and you look blooming! I am not saying this because I am repaying you for the nice comments that you leave in my blog but because it is true!

    Wait, let me greet you a HAPPY BLOG DAY! And I couldn't agree more with your posts. Some comments:
    1) How sweet of your sister to start a blog for you :)
    2) I didn't know you are married hehe, show us some pics of the husband! and why doesn't he take your picture?? hihi
    3) I totally agree on the part where you said you are more comfortable with what you wear and not care about what other people think. I want to have that confidence, too. Soon :)
    4) And yes, the blog community has been very supportive and how we love reading your posts. The sense of community here is really ridiculously awesome. You are like my sisters, sisters that I never had (because I am the only girl in a sibling of three, other two are guys hehe)

    Please keep this up, Joann. I would like to thank you for leaving comments and it really is heart touching for you (and everyone) who reads my blog.

    How pretty your layout! I'll oomph my layout when Im one year in blogging in blogspot, too! :)


  3. Oh! Many many congratulations! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites around, and I am always so excited to see new posts go up. Here's to another year of gorgeous photography, sweet style, and trivia! *HUGS*

    Love the tulip sleeves on this dress, babe!

  4. Happy blogiversary! These photos are GORGEOUS - just amazing! Dare I header? ;-)

    Looking forward to many more years reading your awesome blog!

  5. oh my gosh i love your blog. This dress is so beautiful!!! Definitely a gorgeous dress! Love the cotton field too. That is nice that your sister had started the blog for you! Yey for being young and married! I love young marriage! I was 20 when I married. Happy blog birthday!

  6. Goodness, there is so much fantasticness going on here! Amazing dress/location/balloons/photos. What a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday, and here's to many more!!

  7. congratulations on your first year! the dress is so pretty, you look lovely and happy, the post is so sweet. enjoy, have a great weekend.

  8. Happy Blog Birthday, JoAnn! I always look forward to seeing what cute outfits you've put together! :)

    I hope you will continue! :)

  9. Hello J!

    I am so delighted to see these photos, your perfectly chosen outfit and your writing today! These are some of the elements that kept me coming back even before I started blogging.

    You have been warm and welcoming since the first e-mail I've ever sent you. I am very thankful for those words of encouragement and helpful tips on how to go on about jumping ahead and just blog. I can honestly say, you are one of the sweetest people in my life who inspired me to launch Twenty York Street - merci beaucoup ma belle, tojours!

    Here's to more years of successful blogging, happy marriages and tight-knit sisterhood!

    Luv ya lots!


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  10. I'm glad you've stuck with it! Yours is a my must-read every day! Love it, and love the baloons. You're taking your own advice to use props!

  11. Hi!Joan,Happy Anniversary and many many years of blogging to come.
    It was so sweet of your sister to make the blog for you.
    It's so true what you say about blogging community.I'm new here but I feel so welcome.Have a great weekend!

  12. Congratulations! You do look very happy... and the pictures are cute as bubblegum (I do mean this as a compliment; my apologies if you don't like bubblegum.)!


  13. Happy Anniversary! You've done a great job and I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at your outfits and scenic location through the past year. Keep up the beautiful work, JoAnn!

  14. Love the second to last pic! The dress reminds me of cotton candy! I love it!

    Come enter my giveaway!

  15. Happy blog birthday!!!
    Your dress is so pretty and the pictures are beautiful.
    Btw, your blog has inspired me to embrace dresses once again:)

  16. happy blog birthday!! i love the balloons (and have thought of doing the same myself for upcoming blog-birthday).
    congrats on a whole year and here's to many more!

  17. Happy Birthday!:) I'm always enjoy reading your Blog. You're amazing!!!
    xx, Alice :)

  18. Happy Anniversary.. your blog is in my Fashion 1 File and read everyday.. I also get good photography ideas from you!! This blogger community is so great, great to learn fashion and photography ideas as well as meet other great people from across the globe!!!

    Love the pink dress and look forward to more inspiration from your blog!!


  19. Happy Blogeversary!!

    I can't tell you how much I love this post and the all the pictures!! It's all just too fabulous!

  20. yay for one year! how exciting.
    love the photos! this dress is so pretty

  21. Happy happy blog-birthday, JoAnn! I just adore your blog - I'm so glad you started it, and I'm so glad that I've gotten to "meet" you. You're such a warm, kind, positive person, and that shows in every single post you publish. I'm looking forward to seeing what your second year of blogging brings to you!

    PS I love these pictures - that dress is amazing!

  22. Happy birthday and congrats! I absolutely adore these pics. You guys did a great job.

  23. Happy blogoversary! I love the balloons in the Georgia cotton, ... I'm sure you did get some stares! I like the sweet pink with your hair and complexion ... What a fun thing for you and Jeremiah to enjoy together, -- good for him for encouraging you to start! My Kevin bugged me for a while and I'm so glad I did too ... it DOES seem like blogging has made me more confident in my own choices and not so worried about what people think. Weird, huh? But a good thing ...

  24. Happy Blogiversary!! This is a really awesome post! The dress is super cute, the location is wonderfully scenic! And its just plain fun!! Its very cool to read the story of your blog, and these pictures are just excellent! (Also, I may have to borrow the idea of using a balloon to hide my face! I'm always on the lookout for new ideas like that! :) ). I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend! :)

  25. Awwww... sweet pictures and a great post!
    Thank you for the virtual cupcakes... I will send some back to you for your celebration!!!

  26. Happy Blog Birthday JoAnn! Your pictures look wonderful and I'm glad to count you as one of my friends. xo

  27. Happy Blogee Birthday, Joann! I LOVE this gorgeous pink dress!

  28. This dress is super pretty on you!

  29. Wow congratulations on your one year blogiversary! I LOVE that dress on you, the pink is so cute! What a fun idea to take pictures with the balloons, they look great with the sun shining through them!

  30. happy one year blogiversary!! you are soo beautiful with your pink dress and balloons!! xo

  31. Here's to many many more! I love following your blog, friend!
    And I may or may not steal your idea for the most gorgeous photoshoot :)

  32. Love these pictures! The dress and balloons are so sweet. And congrats!

  33. Happy anniversary! Love these photos!! You looks stunning in pink!

  34. Okay, AMAZING anniversary photo shoot! I love it. The dress is beautiful, you look fantastic, and the balloons are perfection. Here's to many more years!

  35. I absolutely LOVE this dress. I need to go thrifting with you, haha.


  36. What a beautiful way to celebrate! I love everything about this!


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