Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remixed: French Connection dress

This lacy French Connection dress had its inaugural wear during my wedding (it was my after-reception dress). It languished in my closet for many months until I decided to try it for everyday use. Its silk and lace detailing scream bridal confection, but its neutral color keeps it a practical closet piece.

All the ways I've worn it:


  1. Don't you just LOVE when you have a piece that works in a trillion, zillion ways? This dress is amazing. I love how you've worn it as a skirt, a shift, a shirt, and of course, a dress!

    Hand drawn:
    My Closet in Sketches

  2. I love all the ways that you have remixed this dress! I'm so glad that you decided to do so because I always love how it adds such a dash of femininity and prettiness to all of the outfits! You do such a great job of dressing it down - I would have had no idea it was worn for your wedding reception had you not mentioned it :)

    Small Time Style

  3. Honestly, this is one of my absolute favorite dresses of yours. And I love all the things you've done with it!

  4. YAY! I'm so glad you did this post! It's so awesome to see the way you've styled this dress, since you know, I love it SO much!

  5. White dresses are just the best for remixing. I have to stop myself buying more and more of them!

  6. I LOVE that dress! I was drooling over it in your last post. So cool that you wear it so often :)

  7. All of the outfits look great JoAnn! How awesome that you have been so creative at remixing! I notice you've never paired it with blues or greens though!

  8. Whoa! You wore this at your wedding and just remixed it that many times?!!! You get the award for who got to wear their wedding dress the most! Looks fantastic the way you remixed it too!!

    Aesthetic Lounge


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