Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's the story, morning glory?

 Coat: H&M, thrifted; Dress: Sangria; 
Blouse: Ann Taylor, thrifted;
Hairbow (as bowtie): Treasure Box of Bows;
Tights: Target; Boots: LOFT (gift from Mom!).
Shop similar: Coat, dress, boots

Another thing a girl can do when she's really bored in a small town? Besides household organization and tripod crazy stunts? Make up a story in photos and pretend it's for an editorial spread. 

Whenever I put this outfit on, I thought I looked like the human embodiment of a tree, and so I kind of just expounded on the nature theme when I took photos in the woods. When I studied Latin in school, one of my favorite legends was about the nymph Daphne, who, after getting chased around by the lovesick god Apollo, prayed to Zeus to be turned into a tree to escape Apollo's advances. 

Skeezy mythical gods aside, I always thought this metamorphosis story was beautiful -- being able to transform --- and so I decided to play it out in my photos by embodying the myth. In half, I look like I'm ready to escape; in some, I'm at ease and completely grounded.

One of my goals for the next year is to tell more stories with my photos. It's incredibly fun and it beats organizing cereal boxes by color and deliciousness any day. 

So, I dare you: What kind of story would you tell with your outfit photos?


  1. I love that outfit on you! I definitely don't think you look like a tree but, I can feel where you were going with these pictures :)

  2. "Skeezy mythical gods aside" are awesome.

    I love the editorial feel! I definitely start to think along story lines with certain outfits and photoshoots. It makes the whole thing so fun!

  3. You're the prettiest tree I've seen in ages.

  4. I love this outfit, esp the bow tie! I don't really have the locations (well, I do, but there's lots of people and I'm shy) or the time for editorial style shots, I'm all about outfit documentation, but I do love them!

  5. This outfit is a-mazing! I am in love with it. I could gush on and on about how perfect all the aspects are! I especially love it with that coat. So pretty. Dropping this one into my inspiration folder!

  6. You are the photo queen. Love this outfit, but how do you wear short sleeves? Or is NY the only frozen state currently?

  7. I love it!! Both the outfit and the story idea. Fantastic poses - I need to create a sideview monkeyface so I can copy some of these!

  8. Not sure what story my outfits would say, but I have been thinking about that a lot. I really love this coat on you! You look great. And the bow at your neck is super duper adorable.

  9. That coat is an awesome thrift find.

  10. I love when you wear that little bow as a bow tie. So adorable!

  11. I think this is the best of your outfits ever.

  12. This dress is amazing - I love the pattern so much that when I was in the fabric store today I was trying to find the similar one)))
    And it matches the coat beautifly, I love this outfit <3

  13. Holycowthosebootsareamazing! Kudos to your mom! And the coat is great as well! I heard you guys are getting some pretty chilly temperatures in Georgia. Hope you and Jeremiah are staying warm. :)

  14. Well, unfortunately my photo stories most often reflect a girl who is running a smidge late for work, but I think if I could editorialize anything it would be for a girl to be finding a grand adventure in her own backyard. A little Alice in Wonderlandy with a dash of Wizard of Oz. :-)

    Love your dress, it looks totally darling with the bow tie!

  15. What an awesome coat! Even better that it's thrifted. And I really love your pattern mixing in this look :)

  16. I am such a Greek myths dork! I love it :D

    I don't know what story I'd want to tell... but it's a fun idea that I'll have to keep kicking around in my brain.

    It's really fun to see you back to your full wardrobe! I love how you have on so many different pieces today. They all play off of each other really nicely :)

    PS -- I'm having a sweater and purse giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out!

  17. I love this outfit on you, how fun! I would have never thought to put something together like this but it looks great.

  18. That coat is sweet... and the bow tie is cute hehe.

    When I'm having a creative day, I like to pretend to be in a magical world... one that is really relaxing and as close to Anne of Green Gables as possible. I just like that sense of freedom.


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