Saturday, December 11, 2010

Featured: Clothed Much's rule breakers

Besides being a place of cupcakes and awesomeness, I think the blog world is truly democratizing the way society sees fashion. Not only are different body types becoming more accepted and mainstream, but a spectrum of eclectic tastes are coming into the fold. The strict, fussy  "no white after Labor Day" and "no black and brown clothing mixing" rules are just about over. It'll be interesting to see how our generation is remembered in the ol' history books for our sartorial choices because of so much variance (I really hope Crocs aren't given a mention).

Elaine of Clothed Much did a great feature of some bloggers (including yours truly!) who threw caution to the wind and broke their own style rules. Click on over to get inspired!


  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I have a pair of white trousers in my closet that are dying to get out so I'll take them for a spin next week :)

  2. GREAT pairing....congrats on being featured hunnie:)

    Happy Weekend:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    NEWS EDITOR for Style Sample Magazine♥

  3. I didn't know this site existed! Here I run a Modesty blog too ( and I didn't know about Clothed Much! Congrats on the feature.

  4. I really like your musings here - I wonder too what history will say about our generation's sartorial choices - will we be known not only for crazy pairings, but also for how much or how little we purchased? ie, will consumerism rule our wardrobes like it has the past few decades or will we start a more sustainable movement with our clothes?

    So fun to be featured along with you :)!!

    Small Time Style


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