Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Featured: Self-photography with Hello, Monkeyface!

Self-photography wasn't something I became interested in until I started blogging, but it's since become a full-fledged obsession. I've really come to enjoy it because not only do you get full reign of how you're portrayed, it also becomes a one-person show, and it allows you to be the model, photographer and director of each photo session you do.

Which is why I'm so thrilled that Hello, Monkeyface! has started a "Self-Caught" interview series featuring self-photographers and their tips and experiences. As a self-photographer herself, Monkeyface has the seamless talent of combining playful Photoshop illustrations with stunning style photos, and she created this series to discuss ways to achieve better self-photography.

Click through here to read our thoughts on self-shooting tips, tricks and methods, as well as some awkward bystander stories (mine includes some energetic furry friends). Many thanks to Monkeyface for this feature of Sidewalk Chic, and for starting what is sure to be a delightful series!


  1. No thank YOU, JoAnn!! Your thoughts were so insightful, I'm just thrilled to have you participate :D

  2. Wow this is soo cool. Its hard to do that. Shes talented!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC


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