Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Risky business

Dress (as top): LOFT; Sweater: Target; 
Skirt: Kasper, thrifted; Tights, boots: Target; Scarf: H&M; 
Shell earrings: from Philippines, gift from Mom.
Shop similar: skirt, dress, scarf.
 When a girl wants to add some thrills to her life in a small town, she can either rearrange her entire scarf collection by color and astrological sign, or take some risks with her outfit photos. I'm trying to do some new things with my picture-taking (because all of my scarves are clearly Libras).

I've mentioned before on the blog that I've gone to some semi-extreme lengths to get some of these shots on the beach, namely putting part of my tripod in the water to get the right angle. It is always a bit of an adventure when I do so, because the whole situation really depends on how the water/wind conditions are. I usually ground the tripod with something heavy slung over the top of it, like my bag, so it's got extra weight keeping it stable.

I know this all sounds like a sketchy set-up, having all of my belongings teetering over a lake. But I promise it's pretty rigged, and I have the reflexes of a very large cat (cheetah, not Garfield) in case anything begins to sway. On windy days, I have to play it safe, because then the whole structure is about as precarious as a Jenga tower.

I suppose that's the only risky, thrill-seeking behavior I've engaged in around this town, so no need to worry, friends.

But when I start eating my peanut butter sandwiches with the crusts still on, you'll know it's time for an intervention.


  1. He he ... I like the heron. And the pink with brown. You tell such a fun story.

  2. LOL you're hilarious! And definitely a risk taker in my books ;)

  3. Hehe, I need to work on my reflexes - I've had my camera set up before and had the wind knock it over - luckily my camera is a couple years old so if it broke it wouldn't be TOO devestating. I love the warm tones in this outfit, it's really nice!

  4. As windy as it was yesterday, you were being very daring indeed!

    Lovely outfit!

  5. I've been scared that wind would knock my tripod over before! You look great! You are one of the most creative remixers I have been following, none of your outfits look similar!

  6. Girl, you are risky, bc I haven't even gotten to the tripod mastery part yet! Shoot, a windy day and the wind in my hair throws me off for a shoot! ;o)

  7. Those earrings are really pretty. I was beyond nervous today taking my outfit photos with my tripod balanced precariously on a set of concrete steps near a windy intersection in the city. Luckily, nothing fell.



  8. Someone needs to get you a sandwich cutter. In the shape of a heart. Because that would be cute. :)

  9. random: one day, one of the girls at school dropped a product from the retail shelf but caught it before it fell to the floor. she seriously snapped her head to look at me and said, "oh my gosh, amanda... i have THE BEST reflexes. sometimes i almost drop the soap in the shower but then i don't... because i catch it."

    i laughed so hard inside (i only giggled out loud) and your reflex comment reminded me haha... oh lordy.

    i would be totally useless with that set up... let's just say in my current state my reflexes are NOT amazing.

  10. Those earrings are lovely, and so are the boots.

  11. I love the pink scarf with the brown, great color combo. Gorgeous skirt!

  12. Your boots and scarf are so cute! I love them! The colors work so well together and play off eachother nicely. You look chiccc!

  13. Love your writing, it made me smile. And you're so cute!

    Have a lovely day,

  14. Now this post reminds me of why I am in love with this blog in the first place!

    Much more than the pretty and risky photos, great sartorial choices - the writing is just fantastic!

    Luv ya!

  15. these outfit shots turned out great! I need to learn how to set up my camera for good outfit shots. I'm terrible with my self timer and don't even have a tripod!

  16. Heehee. You're hilarious. Also, I love this outfit!

    I have broken three cameras since starting my blog. Luckily, the current one is still usable. :)


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