Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to wear your leather skirt

I've gotten a few requests on how to style up a leather skirt for everyday use, and since it's become one of my favorite remix items, I thought I'd throw a few suggestions together. I think a lot of people can get scared off by wearing a leather skirt because it can denote toughness and sexuality at the same time, and it often acts as a showcase piece when you wear it. However, you can get it to work for your wardrobe:

1) Start small. To get your leather skirt to work for every day, try a baby step first. Go for something casual, but something that you're comfortable wearing because it's a part of your style -- for example, a t-shirt, a patterned scarf, a cargo jacket. Mixing the skirt with some of your favorite closet items will help ensure that you'll wear the leather more often. When I first thrifted my Old Navy leather skirt, I first started wearing it with t-shirts as seen in the first two outfits above.

2) Try opposites. Now that you've introduced the skirt to your favorite clothing, it's time to experiment! Try pairing the skirt with items that counterbalance the toughness and texture of the leather. For example, you could go for really romantic pieces (floral, lace, ruffles), preppy looks (plaid, houndstooth, argyle), or professional styles (blazers, silk, pearls), just to name a few.  You can also counteract the length of the skirt as well -- for example, if it's a shorter length, include tights or a longer-sleeved shirt.

3) Be a layering fiend. Because of the skirt's texture, it can work really well as a layering piece because it holds everything in. Want to extend the life of your summer dresses? Wear the skirt over them. You'll have a pretty new blouse (without having to buy it) and the dress's layer underneath the skirt will keep you warm during the chillier months. Looks 3 and 5 above include this last tip.

 Would you ever try the leather skirt style, and how would you wear it?


  1. If I owned a leather skirt I'd take all this advice to heart. Come to think of it, why don't I own a leather skirt? I'm not sure.

    This is a "How-To" I'm going to bookmark for the future.

  2. Wow I love all of the ways you've worn it, especially the first one!

  3. I love features like this! I have a thrifted leather skirt that's almost identical in length and cut, and I've taken some inspiration from the many ways you've worn yours.

  4. I've been trying to find the perfect leather skirt forever now. I love the length of yours - it's not super short so it doesn't have that 80s vibe.

  5. I have a leather skirt somewhere in the depths of my closet... I think I'll have to dust it off.. and try some of these combos :)

  6. so now i need a leather skit. maybe in the freepile .... i hope! fingers crossed!

  7. I don't own a leather skirt, but you've styled yours in so many wonderful ways, I'm definitely considering the possibilities! Thanks for this excellent tutorial! :)

  8. Oooh thanks soooo much for this. I just LOVE how you've styled yours! Looks awesome on you!


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