Saturday, December 4, 2010

Treasured: Medieval Times cocktail ring

Before Jeremiah and I started dating, we were pretty close but in a really platonic way. We liked being in each other's lives so much that we jokingly promised to start dating each other when we were older -- that is, if we weren't with someone else. As if our friendship didn't already resemble a romantic comedy, we even (jokingly! haha!) swore to each other we'd get married to each other by the time we were 35, if we weren't already with someone else. Jeremiah even said he'd propose with a toy ring from a Cracker Jack box, and I told him I'd happily accept.

We started dating about three months later.
The universe was playing a joke on us. We just didn't know we were in on it.

About two years into our relationship, Jeremiah had a big surprise for my Christmas present. His excited secrecy was contagious, and even my parents were in on it. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was about to propose.

He didn't propose.
He took me to Medieval Times.
The place in the mall that boasts dinner with a jousting show, where knights prevail over predictable evil and wenches serve $5 drinks.

I was a little relieved. We were still halfway through college after all. We had fun -- we cheered for the red knight and drank soda out of goblets.

On the way out, Jeremiah bought me this cocktail ring. It was just right for the relationship that started with the promise of toy jewelry. Whimsical. Perfect.

Two years later, we did get engaged. And when Jeremiah presented me with a beautiful engagement ring at his family's Christmas party, we both cried and laughed. We were more grownup, and somewhere between best friends and husband and wife. Whimsical. Perfect. 

I'll never forget my first ring, though. I doubt I'd find anything better in a Cracker Jack box.

How I've worn it.


  1. This is such a sweet story, such a cute picture, and such a pretty ring! :)

  2. this is soooooo sweet and adorable!!!! xxx

  3. What an adorable story. Thanks for the smile.

  4. So romantic ^_^ Yay for happy endings.

  5. Oh my gosh!! This story is so awesome! That's too cute! And a fabulous ring to boot! (And your story is way better than any Hollywood romantic comedy) :)

  6. JoAnn, what a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it! What a sweet picture of you two.

  7. Such a sweet story and a beautiful ring.

  8. That's such a romantic story!!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. lovely story, love the ring and that's a cute picture!


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