Monday, December 6, 2010

The duck whisperer

 Dress (as skirt): J. Crew; Sweater: LOFT; Boots, tights: Target;
Poncho (as scarf): Burlington Coat Factory; Leaf brooch: thrifted; 
Belt: from Boy Scout camp (when I worked there);
Pocket watch necklace: Waltham, gift.

Shop similar: Dress, scarf, brooch, necklace.

Outfit 22 in the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge. I could tell you about this outfit, and how every piece comes from a different stage in my life, and that I am such a sentimentalist about them. How I like how natural the colors are in each piece and how they align well with the scenery behind me. Blah, blah, nostalgia. Blah, blah, tree hippie.

What I'm actually excited about is my fashionable fowl of a friend up there. Please note the duck -- it's already made an appearance on the blog before.  It must have recognized me again, because it showed up in half my photos, and followed me from the beach to the dock. When I got to the dock and realized the duck was close by and getting (wanting to be?) in the shots, I actually said out loud, "Hold still. Let me take your picture." And it did stop, and that's the portrait you see above.

You guys, I might have a gift here -- the uncanny ability to talk to ducks. Like Harry Potter and snakes, or Jennifer Love Hewitt and the underworld. Our national nightmare of not understanding our bird friends may soon be over. We may finally know why they prefer regular white bread to ciabatta, how they manage to look calm with their legs kicking furiously underwater, and why Donald Duck wears a shirt and no pants.

It'll be hard, but I'll try not to quit my day job.


  1. JoAnn! I love this outfit so much. You stay so inspired, and I'm so jealous of that. I am wearing an old sweatshirt, jeans, and shearling lined crocs today. Not photo-worthy. It's SO freezing that I couldn't even fathom putting a dress on. And that's all I have left clean in my 30! I love your duck friend, too. Beautiful and compliant! :) Have a wonderful kick-off to your week!

  2. That pocket watch necklace is gorgeous. What a romantic piece!

    And I love your ducky companion. He's clearly got a great sense of style.

  3. I love the necklace (not just with this outfit, either)!

    And well, it's good to know that soon, thanks to you, we may have ducky allies in our national affairs.

  4. this story is hilarious. i cracked up before i even read it--the title alone had me. anyway, this outfit is fabulous but your web-footed friend is pretty adorable, too :)

  5. haha, this made my morning.

  6. That pocket watch is so so super cool. Your blog is fantastic!

    If you're interested I'm a having a giveaway on my blog for one of my hair clips. Check it out, if you'd like!

  7. This was too funny. And I sometimes worry that you're going to fall in that water!!

  8. cute! i love how you take photos so close to the water's edge :)

  9. awww this makes me miss my Aflac- the neighborhood duck that looked just like that. She would wait for me every morning to feed her. SHe got hit by a car a month or so ago. I was so upset. Next time you go to the park, you should bring a snack for your little friend. ;)

  10. I really respect that, despite an uncanny skill, you've chosen to remain here among us mortals. :)

    Love the necklace! And the duck, of course.

  11. oh, what a funny story.

    How exactly are you tying your scarf to get this effect?

    it looks like a beautiful crisp morning there. Have a good day!

  12. Cute look! .. I can't believe you still have that belt. I *think* mine might be in my old closet at my parents' house.

  13. I've never considered before just how much value a duck whisperer would add to the world. I totally cracked up when I read your post- made my morning. I love that pocket watch necklace.

  14. Your dress is so fun!

    I was scrolling through your blog when my boyfriend looked over and saw the white duck-- he got really excited because it reminded him of his favorite white duck that used to live in the Public Garden in Boston. His name was Arnold.

    Haha I think the duck whisperer would a totally awesome job!

  15. saw you on elaine's broken fashion your style.
    and i super love this dress, it's amazing.

  16. I love your watch necklace - it's amazing.


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