Thursday, December 2, 2010

19 actually is my favorite number

Grand Canyon shirt: from dad;
Skirt: Kasper, thrifted;
Scarf: from Rome, gift from Valerie;
Belt: BR, gift from Marilou;
Boots: Target.

You know what is hard about doing the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge? Well, besides being limited to a set number of clothing? Coming up with clever post titles that not only involve numbers, but are related to what I wear. I was doing well up to 15 and then gave up because the post titles that I did think up were becoming more tenuous (I am 16? Going on 17?). So if you think this post title was really weak, at least it's actually true.

I really loved this outfit because I'm wearing so many gift items from people I know, and it felt like being covered in friendship and love all day. Okay, that sounds so Hallmark card-ready, but it's true! I like wearing things that friends give me, because it reminds me that I am really lucky to have awesome people in my life.

It was way too cold to be wearing this outfit for the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge, however. I didn't check the temperatures before I left, and probably looked ridiculous to the people I passed at the park who were wearing down jackets. I told myself I'd brave it anyways, and set up my tripod in the usual beach spot. I had to leave after about five minutes because of the crazy wind. I'm usually able to set up my tripod really close to the water (we're talking reallly close -- like one leg is submerged in lake water), but today almost all of my equipment toppled over into it.

My functionality seems to shut down when the temperatures get below 40 degrees, and I know I'd never survive a winter up north. How do you stay creative sartorially when it's so cold outside? And for my fellow Remixers, how are you holding up in the frigid weather?


  1. OK, first things first - great outfit! Love what you said about being covered in love and friendship (maybe I'm a bit of a chesseball sometimes).

    Probably the hardest part is remixing when it's freezing outside. In fact, I caught a bad cold and today wore as many items as I possibly could -- all at once!

  2. oh man - this is my first winter blogging and I already hate it! We're just flirting with temperatures below freezing so it's not even that bad yet, but I have been taking my pictures VERY quickly! I'm a wimp in the cold, and it's pretty much torture having to strip my coat off and not look miserable for a couple minutes!

  3. Oh, lovely. I like how the color scheme reflects the temperature. Even though I grew up up north I'm soooo much happier living in the south. Yes, I cease to function when it gets too cold ...

    I think I have exactly the same scarf! One of my students, who later became a good friend, bought it for me when she went to Italy. Mine is navy blue mostly with pink flowers ... you've given me an idea how to wear it.

  4. Gah... you make me nervous with the tripod talk. You little risk taker!
    I love your hallmark outfit too... bare arms? Not an option anymore over here.

  5. I really like this skirt on you. It's adorable and so flattering.
    I'm in Boston and I keep waiting for the weather to get really cold, which is hasn't. So my remixes haven't been as layered as I was hoping because it is just too warm. (Although ultimately I'm not really complaining that there isn't a foot of snow on the ground all ready.)- Katy

  6. You look so beautiful in blue. I always think that red is your color, but then I see you in blue and I have to reconsider:)
    It hasn't been too cold here, but it is wet. I think my umbrella will start making a daily appearance soon.
    I was recently inspired by how you photograph your accessories and attempted it myself here:

  7. I had a terrible time with my pictures today because of the weather - no me gusta the cold!!

    I love your outfit - I love how you tied the scarf, used a t-shirt paired with the skirt and belted it. I love the comfy-yet-dressy look of it all!!

    Small Time Style

  8. oh my goodness! how amazing is this skirt?? Love how you styled this!

  9. Ok, you had to be a popsicle when you were done. It was frigid out there yesterday! Put on a coat, woman! LOL

    Lovely outfit, though, and lovely sentiments to go along with it.

  10. I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours ever! I love everything about it!

    Unfortunately, as an academic I have to go where the jobs exist, and that has landed me in a part of the country with much harsher winters than I care for....

  11. That outfit is adorable but you must have been FREEZING!

    Honestly, I'm still figuring out cold weather fashion. I have the down coat and boots and I think I'm just going to concentrate on making my scarves, hats and gloves as cute/colorful as possible since the coat and boots are black. I'm also not much of a sweater person because I tend to get too warm in heated buildings, so I just wear the same things I did during fall (more or less) and layer the coat/boots/etc over it.

  12. I love how you can make even super classy skirts segue into casual looks. You have mastered making each outfit perfectly casual cool.

  13. Your outfit is adorable. I love the scarf!

    I'm lucky enough to remixing in Texas, but it is getting progressively colder and I find myself retreating to my jackets more than I probably should. And I stupidly put more sleeve-less tops in my 30 than I probably should have. So lets just hope it doesn't get any colder for any of us!

  14. gahhh I'd be so paranoid that either I or my camera would fall into the mud! Way to be brave for the blog.

    I'm from even deeper south than you and I also wonder how the northerners do it. I enjoy the cold down here because it's typically dry (no pesky snow to be found in FL) and it warms up in less than 3 months. I couldn't handle it otherwise- I was in DC over the holiday and was miserable just walking from one place to another. Forget taking off the obtrusive coat!

  15. It's all about layering, layering, layering. Of course you had a nice touch today with the scarf: form and function.

    The Auspicious Life

  16. super cute look! love the scarf with the top.

  17. I love the title, especially because its true! And that skirt is also really great! Super cute outfit and fantastic colors! I don't do well when it gets too cold, I admire your perseverance! :)

  18. If I workout after work, then I try to leave for work after daylight. I waste a little bit of time and then just take my pictures outside on my front walk. I'm out there very little but it's still cold. (I didn't blog the outfits yet.)
    It's hard to remember if I wore a combo yet. Also half of my stuff needs to be washed so this challenge is getting difficult.


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