Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sartorial resolutions, meet my closet: 2011 edition

After some deep reflecting over what I'd like to accomplish style-wise for next year, here are my sartorial resolutions for 2011. I couldn't think of a better way to depict them than in graffiti-ed photography (well, my first choice was skywriting them,  but Jeremiah said that would blow our Christmas budget, and then I'd really have to make all my relatives macaroni necklaces for presents).

Anyway, away we go:

I know it sounds kind of lame-o to list something as basic as separates as a sartorial resolution. But I've advocated for dress-wearing so much on this blog (and even did a challenge last spring to wear them all in succession), that they've almost become a crutch and I could be more creative with the other pieces that I have. The 30 for 30 Remix Challenge I did recently has helped me realize that there are some pieces that have some staying power (hello, leather skirt) and I want to try to utilize them more often. But, don't be alarmed now: this blog will always be a Team Dress advocate at heart. 

And for my next trick:

 One of the issues I had this year was that I would buy a bunch of statement, flashy pieces without having a clue how to work them seamlessly into my wardrobe. For example, the thrifted Ecru band jacket above languished in my closet for more than a year before I had the guts to wear it. After a few remixes with it, I can't imagine what I was so scared about. I want it to be like that for all of my statement pieces. Whenever I think of a "ridiculous" combination, I want to go with my first instinct of trying it out instead of letting those pieces go unused.

In the third act: 

Like boucle. Ikat. Turban. Velvet. Batik. Seersucker. Dirndl. Petticoat. I will keep an open mind for trying new things, while keeping an eye out for well-constructed pieces.

And, in conclusion:

This is the most ambitious of my resolutions, as it shows the direction I'd really like for my blog to go toward. I've grown to love doing my own photography in the last year, and I want to step up my sessions (and tripod stunts) by setting up some intricate photoshoots that tell stories, frame by frame. Some of my favorite photos from the last year seem to hint at an untold tale; I'd really like to expand that.  

Are you planning on doing sartorial resolutions, and what are they? 



  1. I'll be doing a post on my sartorial resolutions after Christmas. Your goals are great! And I absolutely cannot wait to see you in seersucker!

  2. Great resolutions! I love the one about not fearing separates!

  3. nice resolutions you got! especially about telling stories in your clothes :) hope you have a great holiday

  4. I've never made sartorial resolutions, but I think it's a wonderful idea that I will have to copy. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll be sure to give you credit.

  5. I would like to steal #2 ... I have some lovely items that don't get enough wear ...

    I'm chuckling over your separates - I'd like to be more adventurous with my dresses, with layering,etc... and also to make more dresses as a creative resolution ...

  6. Hello! Oh, I just LOVE this post. I love new years resolutions, and this is a brilliant idea. I'm inspired. :)

    And, Hi! I'm your newest follower. I'll be by often. This blog is lovely. :)


  7. I love the idea of sartorial resolutions, and I especially like the idea of telling a story with your clothes. What a wonderful idea.

    Also, love your blog. I found it from Hello Monkeyface.

  8. I love the last resolution to tell more stories with your clothes! I need to do the same thing.

  9. Awww, these are fab resolutions! I definitely need to do #2 too! :P


  10. I haven't even started on resolutions yet. I have to think about it though. Funny thing is your resolution about vocab...I literally had to wiki a few. WOW...hahaha.

  11. These outfits are adorable! This post is such a great idea - I love it! :)

    KF x

  12. My sartorial resolutions are:

    * to try colours that I have always thought don't look good on me... since I have no idea why I think that!
    * to seriously work on pattern andcolour combos and stop always being so matchy matchy
    * to maybe crack a smile in my blog pics from time to time - I always seem to look so sullen/serious in my pics but it's not how I feel at all!

    Great post - thanks Joann, you've got me thinking!

    Sarah xxx

  13. Great post! Telling story with your clothes=awesome :)

  14. Tee Hee Drindl... I just love the way it sounds. I can't wait to see you in one of those! Happy New Year :)


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