Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's in my bag: August edition

I like doing these periodic "What's in My Bag" posts, because it definitely changes with the seasons and life changes. So here we go:

- Bag: Fossil crossbody bag, thrifted
- Cell phone
- Keys: includes keychains from Camp Rainey Mountain, Empire State Building and the Space and Rocket Center
- Lip stuff: Clinique Buttershine Lipstick in Fresh Watermelon, Long Last Glosswear in Clearly Pink and Juicy Apple
- Hand sanitizer dispenser
- Photos from the photobooth with Jeremiah (at Dawgs After Dark)
- Moleskine notebook full of outfit ideas
- Vintage thrifted cat-eye sunglasses
- Abas full frame clutch wallet (from the Orchids in Buttonholes  giveaway-- thank you, Sara!)

What's in your bag, dear readers? Happy Sunday!


  1. your bag looks so neat and organized. I could never do one of these types of posts. I tend to carry around everything but the kitchen sink.

  2. Adorable bag! I also love those sunglasses. My bag is a disaster right now, it's half full of crumbled receipts and to do lists.

  3. I have an Abas wallet too and I love it! They age really nicely.

    Your photo stickers took me straight back to middle school. Those were fun times.

  4. Do you throw out the garbage that tends to collect in purses before you take pics? My purse shot would be a lot more junky....

  5. I'm with Jentine! A peek into my purse would show envelopes after envelopes of store receipts!

    p.s. Wanted to do a purse shot for my feature.. guess I'm gonna have to re-think my interview post with you J!


  6. I always love posts like these - I love seeing what's inside other people's bags. And I'm so happy that you're using and loving the clutch wallet! Your purse has such great detailing on it, by the way - love the woven leather.


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