Monday, August 2, 2010

The month of July in outfits

Here are all my outfits from July! It's really cool to see them altogether, and interesting to see how I pose (I think half of the shots have me crossing my right leg over the left). Which outfit from July is your favorite? I especially love the last set of photos, because it looks like all the versions of me are looking at the exact same thing.

In July, I:

- Found a 1980s Laura Ashley tiered ruffled dress, and realized it wasn't as awful as it sounds.
- Ruminated on what it means for me to be an American citizen.
- Did some karaoke in red, white and blue.
- Visited an old fort
- Started a shopping ban.
- Promptly abandoned it. (At least the dress was worth it)
- Tried Indian food and played in an apple grove.
- Wore some gingham.

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  1. What a great month o' outfits! I love the rightmost one in the top row---the shorts/top combination just was so summery and perfect.

  2. Such a lovely dresses!!
    Esp I adore floral dresses<3


  3. Wow, you own quite a bunch of beautiful dresses!

  4. So many pretty dresses!!

    I think my favourite outfit is the one on the bottom left :)

    If you get chance please check out my blog I'm holding a little vintage giveaway if you're interested?

    Vikki xxx

  5. fabulous outfits - all your dresses are so unique and cute, and modest! big for me! :)


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