Monday, August 30, 2010

"Mad Men" links: Season 4 Episode 6

The Waldorf Stories, image via AMC

Many apologies for the dearth of "Mad Men" posts the last couple weeks, friends. Here are some links to catch you up to speed on the show!

- Recaps abound: Here's what happened last night via NY Mag, Television without Pity, Slate and Entertainment Weekly.
- In case you missed the Emmys Sunday, "Mad Men" won Best Drama for the third year in a row! Here's Jon Hamm bootydancing with Betty White in the opening dance number.
- Emmy gowns: And here are some photos of January Jones, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss all dressed up.
- Are the show's writers retconning the amount of time Roger and Joan's affair lasted? Basket of Kisses has a theory.
- Tom and Lorenzo have analyzed the style in Week 5's episode, as well as the sartorial choices of neighbor Francine.
- Ever think those "On the next episode" previews are a little too vague? They're now getting parodied.
- This is an old interview but a goodie: Tom and Lorenzo talk to Deborah Lacy, who plays Carla on the show. One of the most fascinating characters on "Mad Men."
- And finally, Pete practically invented the smug look, and here's a tumblog devoted to his bitchy faces. [via Jezebel]


  1. i could discuss this show all freaking day.
    jon hamm. omg

  2. I wish my sister would allow me to watch Mad Men,the costumes are great!


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