Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to an earthy past

Dress: Jennifer Moore, thrifted;
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft;
Bag: Fossil;
Shoes: from Philippines, gift.
Photos by me.
How I've worn the dress before: here.
Sunday was another blistering day, but I seemed to have lucked out with my new photo location, which was a hiking trail on the edge of campus. I have had this spot in my mind for a couple months now, ever since I knew Jeremiah and I were moving to Athens. I've been here once before, during a science field trip to build a soda bottle terrarium for my biology class. The trip was a memorable one because the weather made the park wet and humid, so everyone ended up grungy by the end of it. In my muddy sweatpants, I miraculously somehow made it to my next class, a journalism lecture across campus (Like a champ). Actually, my journalism professor was strict about attendance, and while I wanted to go home and shower, the thought of losing half a letter grade was the ultimate motivator.
 This time around, it seemed like every spot I went to in the area was better than the previous one, but the more time I spent outside, the more disheveled I felt, so I left pretty quickly. Heatstroke can be pretty common on days like these, and there was no way I was going to test out what would happen to me if I walked alone in the woods in 100 degree weather. I really like how these turned out, though, especially the ones near the water. My camera and I have had a precarious relationship since the zoom button decided to stop working, but I think it did a good job yesterday.

I took the shoulder pads out of this dress, so now it's loose at the top. Even though the dress has a side-tie thing, I wanted it tighter at the waist, so I pretended the side-tie wasn't there and belted it. A lady at the bookstore complimented my thrifting skills when she saw this dress, and we got into a conversation about what era it was from (mid-1980s). Strangers can be so nice.

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  1. I really like it without the shoulder pads and I love that you belted it. It just adds another pretty element.

    These are gorgeous pictures; what a great location! Glad you didn't test the heatstroke! :)

  2. I like how green that last shot came out. I enjoyed the moment with the stranger that you shared with us.

  3. I really love the gathered ruching on the dress. And seriously, each of these photos is more striking than the last!

  4. lovely! You've managed not to look disheveled at all ... quite a challenge in the summer ...

  5. Gorgeous! The gather at the waist is super flattering :)

  6. Such beautiful pictures, JoAnn. And I love the muted colors of this dress for summertime. It's lovely with the belt, too.


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