Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Take it easy

Dress: Connected Apparel;
Shoes: from Philippines, gift;
Headband: borrowed from Nikki;
Sweater: Forever 21, borrowed from Nikki;
Bag: Fossil, thrifted.
How I've worn the dress before: here.
Photos by Jeremiah.

Many thanks goes to Linda from Little Tin Soldier for featuring me in her weekly shoutout. If you haven't checked out Linda's blog yet, you definitely should -- she not only takes adorable outfit photos, but she also does beautiful illustrations of them, too. She's quickly become one of my everyday reads.

Okay, onto this outfit. These photos are from a very easy Monday that involved running errands and going to the bookstore. I spent an inordinate amount of time reading photography books while I was there. It's funny, I spent three years working at my college newspaper, but never had the desire to pick up a camera. Now that I'm out of college and not writing full-time, all I want to do is take photos wherever I go.

It turns out we are finally moving our furniture to Athens on Wednesday, so hooray for that. My sister Nikki (she finally started her own blog here) came over Sunday afternoon and we had a giant clothing swap. It was more like I cleaned out my closet and she got a good bit of things that I don't wear anymore. She let me borrow this sweater, which I think will end up being a good staple in my closet for fall. I love the design of swirls at the top of it, and I like how it mutes out the tie-dye of the dress.

Hope you all are having a fabulous Tuesday. Tonight is our last team trivia meetup because of the move (sniff,sniff). We'll live a little further away, but Jeremiah and I will try to go once a month. I'll miss my friends too much to stay away from Taco Mac too much longer.

signature1 by you.

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  1. Love the gray and blue together. Like a cloudy, tropical sky.

  2. i found you via her blog! :) and i'm now a follower! :) lovely blog! :)
    i adore your outfits! :) looking forward to getting to know you better!: )

  3. I love the cardi you sistered! No doubt Niki scored some great items, too!

    Good luck with moving your furniture! We are still waiting on our new furniture to arrive, and it's hard to organize and arrange a lot of things until it does. Tomorrow....

  4. yay for being in little a town so soon! i love that cardi, too. ahhhh i can't wait to wear cardigans again!

  5. I love all of these photos, this outfit is so simply perfect. It looks so comfy, too! I really digg the cardigan :) Have a great rest of your week. x

  6. You look great! I love the gray and turquoise skirt together. You're so lucky you can trade clothes with your sister!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  7. Oh the colors and shapes in this outfit are just perfect!

  8. This a beautiful color combo! Good luck moving, I'll be doing the same albeit with a lot less stuff in these next few days.

  9. this is such a sweet outfit! I love the colors together. you look adorable.

  10. Love how you paired up a neutral gray with the bright blue :) softens the color out. :D lovely dear! :) and yes a sweater like that would be a good staple in anyone's closet :)


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