Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Mad Men" links: Season 4, Episode 2

 ["Christmas Comes but Once a Year," image via AMC]

Due to the response from my last "Mad Men" links post, I've decided to make it a weekly thing by compiling the best of the Web's response to that week's episode, and posting Monday night/Tuesday morning. Most of the links will be episode-centric, and I'll also include whatever "Mad Men" news I can find, so you'll be up to speed on what's going on so far at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. It's been a lot of fun compiling these posts (in fact, I used to do massive emails to Jeremiah with links last year during Season 3), so I hope you enjoy them!

- If you need to get caught up, Jezebel has a great weekly analysis here, complete with photos and videos. Check out that Conga line! Television Without Pity also has a great recaplet here.

- Slate's TV Club commentary for this week's show: the return of Freddy Rumsen, the fun of the Conga line, and is Don becoming way too unlikeable after that couch scene? (Check out entries 8-12 for this week's episode)

- Perhaps the allure of "Mad Men" relies on our desire to live vicariously through the characters' vices, surmises the NYTimes. [via Slate]

- If you haven't already, check out Tom & Lorenzo's style analysis of last week's episode, "Public Relations," as well as character reviews of Kitty Romano and Betty Draper, Season 3.

- Have you noticed the "Mad Men"-esque ads during the commercial breaks? AMC has reached a deal with Unilever for a season-long sponsorship, according to the NY Times. Some brands include Dove, Klondike and Suave.

- Basket of Kisses tackles the old-fashioned tendencies of some characters -- Peggy, Freddy and Don -- and how they're being confronted with the present time's modernism.

- Remember the prudishness of the swimwear company Jantzen in Episode 1? Jezebel has some vintage ads from the real Jantzen.

Feministing ruminates on the lipstick-on-the-collar Clorox ad that ran Sunday night. Sexist, or poking some fun at the ad-man stereotype? Also check out Feministing's midweek commentary for each episode.

- 10 questions with Jon Hamm, courtesy of Time.

- A photo gallery of the most outrageous moments on the show, compiled by Television Without Pity.

- And finally, I'm sure many of you have heard about the Mad Men Casting Call. Lots of great entries from fellow bloggers, including the fabulous Terra from Stylish White Female, Jessica from What I Wore and Kater from All This Happiness.

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