Thursday, August 19, 2010

Urban climbing

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft;
Blouse: INC, thrifted;
Tights: Anne Klein;
Shoes: Clarks;
Bracelet: vintage,
Finder's Keepers,
Lawrenceville, Ga.;
Bag: DvF.
How I've worn the dress before: here.

Happy Thursday! Here's what I wore yesterday to a networking event at my alma mater. I can't believe I've never shown this outfit on the blog yet, because it has been my go-to outfit in retail and I think it works for professional events, too. I don't really like to wear suits to these kinds of settings because they can read as a bit stuffy, especially in a creative field, so I usually opt for a modest dress and I add accessories that reflect some of my personality. That's also what I've done on my last couple of job interviews too (and I got the jobs in both those cases). The DvF bag is also something new to the blog; my mom purchased it for me while I was in college, and it's held its own against lecture classes and 9-to-5 work environments.

What's strange is that I don't really like the colors black and grey, but this combination felt very me with the cougar bracelet, and the little blouse bow. I have to admit, some "Mad Men" ensembles were my inspiration, particularly this one from Peggy and this one from Faye. It felt like a pretty productive day!

What do you wear to professional/networking events and job interviews?

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  1. I have a hard time deciding what to wear to interviews because I'm often interviewing in a creative field... so you almost don't want to go too conservative... But I LOVE this on you JoAnn! Everything about it is perfect, including the location!

  2. What a pleasant surprise! I'm so used to seeing you against beautiful nature background so this urban setting is pretty fresh.

    I normally reach for my shift dresses, professional but ain't too stuffy as my suits!

    Please do check today's post my dear friend, I made an intro to our Fall Project:

  3. lovely outfit! first photo is my fav! :)x

  4. You look fabulous!

    Unfortunately I'm not in a creative field, so it's boring ole suits most times when I go to a business event. Yep, envision the sea of dark suits, that's my world.

  5. Wow! Your background surprised me, but I love the change (though I always love your park and lake shots). The blouse adds such a fun, romantic touch with the bow detailing, and that bag is the perfect size and color. Love this look!

  6. Such a lady! I adore the bag - what a great way to inject some color into this ensemble.

  7. I like the urban setting instead of your usual softer outdoor settings. This is a great professional outfit.

  8. oh I love your bag! its such a great colour!

    Polka dot dress giveaway

  9. I like the tie-neck blouse, and wearing it under the dress changes the look of the dress completely. Hopefully this time you'll snag some interviews (and a job) too.

  10. Bam! This looks really great on you! I love the crazy bold punch of colour against the more subdued outfit.

  11. Oh man, that bracelet is too cute.

    - Patricia

  12. It was actually harder than I thought when I tried to dress for my first job interview (one that's more formal, anyway) this summer. I think I was worried too much about whether I'd be deemed "inappropriately dressed." So I went with a pretty basic look: long skirt with an eye-catching blouse. I figure that's both professional and chic (that doesn't involve a pant suit). I really like your business look, it does remind me of Peggy!

    Toast with Charmalade

  13. You're too cute! And we took some photos on that same parking deck in undergrad. Ahhh, I miss Athens.

  14. FABULOUS photos, but I can't believe you're wearing tights! It's still way too hot here! You look beautiful!


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