Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tomorrow's wind, if it be wild

Dress: Sangria;
Sweater: Faded Glory;
Boots: Target;
Bag: H&M;
Necklace: Forever 21;
Black cougar bracelet: vintage, thrifted.

I went to my first advisor meeting yesterday to talk about one of the programs I'm considering for graduate school, and here's what I wore. I'm surprised I haven't done this combination before, because I love the sweater and the thick-cotton-nubbiness of the dress. They happened to be hanging next to each other in the closet and it just clicked that they should work in some sort of combination. I love the serendipity of random occurrences like that.

I actually agonized before this meeting, from the questions to formulate and ask, to what I should wear. I'm all about dressing up for confidence and dressing like you already have that position, but what if the environment is really casual, like a university setting? It wasn't exactly an interview, so it wasn't a formal thing, but it was in that grey area. Do I wear a suit and heels, and risk looking out of place, or like I'm trying too hard? Or do I wear jeans, and risk seeming too blasé about it all? In the end, I went with this. It's put together, shows off my personal style, is modest and, in my opinion, vaguely collegiate-looking. In the end, the meeting went really well and I'm excited about this particular program.

What do you wear for those "grey area" events in your life? 

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  1. I'm glad your meeting went well, and I think you wore the perfect outfit. Those pieces do go together perfectly, and the boots really complete the look.

    Love that last picture, too!

  2. You look perfect for the part! Trust me, I work at a university. :) And for grey areas, I always run for a classic dress and cardigan. They're my safety net. :)

  3. I think this look is perfect for the occasion, a good mix of casual and professional. I love the pattern on the dress and I NEED that bracelet! Amazing!

  4. Always a suit! Boring, ain't it? It always brings an extra helping of confidence.

    Okay, next week, I'm on to our swap challenge!

    miss ya,



  5. You look great and you are rocking the red and black, sending the subliminal message that you belong there!

  6. I think you chose the perfect outfit for your meeting! I always love your photos, that lake is the perfect photo spot!

  7. I'm so happy to hear that your meeting went well and that it made you more excited about the program! You look fantastic - pulled together and chic. I love the red with the print and those boots.

  8. I'm glad to hear that your meeting went well! I think this outfit strikes the right balance. And it is really a lovely look!

  9. I love the combination of a black and white print with a bold color ... I'd do something like this if i had a black and white print in my closet!

    Glad your meeting went well. In a grey area, ... I want to wear something that makes me confident, even if I think I am overdressed ... I want to feel totally self-posessed.

  10. I really love the cardigan with this dress. Unexpected and great!


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