Monday, October 11, 2010

"Mad Men" links: Season 4, Episode 12

"Blowing Smoke," image via AMC.

Only one episode left! This season has flown by so fast. Because of the nature of coverage that will happen for the final episode, I will be adding more to this list as the week goes on, so keep checking for updates!

- Recaps right ahead: Episode analyses by the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Mag, Slate, Jezebel, Gawker,, Entertainment Weekly, Tom & Lorenzo, Television without Pity, Hitfix. Also, John Slattery (aka Roger Sterling) directed this episode, the second for this season.

- The Wall Street Journal indulges in some conspiracy theories for the last episode: Will Conrad Hilton make a return?

- Here's the latest cast Q&A with Robert Morse (aka Bert Cooper), and he discusses Bert's surprise announcement at the end of the last episode.

- Basket of Kisses discusses Peggy's quip to some of Don's shenanigans in the last episode. And, related to last week's episode, the site has some brilliant discussion involving possible skeletons in Ken's closet, smoke imagery on the show, and who exactly is the best salesperson at the firm.

- Stanley Chow has some beautiful pop art illustrations of the main characters on the show -- check out Don, Joan, and Peggy. [via Basket of Kisses]

- The LA Times has an early forecast of the SAG Best Actor lineup, and Jon Hamm's looking to be a contender for his portrayal of Don this year.

- Christina Hendricks talks about what it's like when women hit on her, and how she perceives her role of being a role model for bigger bodies.

- "Glee" star Jane Lynch is going as Don Draper for Halloween this year.

- The Week wonders if "Mad Men" is TV's most feminist show.

- Before Don Draper, there was George Lois. Flavorwire has a Q&A with the  creative director who's done campaigns with MTV and Esquire.

- And finally, Vanity Fair explores a 1960s comic strip, Those Madison Avenue Men!, that may have been the inspiration for the show. Hey, that falling man looks familiar...

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P.S. If you need a refresher of this season before the final episode, check out my "Mad Men" compilations here.

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