Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dodging puddles

Dress: Taylor;
Jacket: Aeropostale, thrifted;
Boots: Target;
Bag: H&M.

I drove through a torrential rainstorm to take these photos. Yeah, I know. Sometimes I do question my own sanity on these kinds of things, but I was pretty determined to spend some time on the trail and document this outfit. I figured that even if it was raining when I arrived, I'd find some sort of makeshift shelter and photograph the rain and the wet outdoors. It seemed pretty serendipitous, then, when I finally got there the storm broke and I was able to enjoy some time alone on the marshy shore. I suppose I was just plain lucky to catch the few minutes of the afternoon when it wasn't pouring out...

A rainy day deserves a nice, bright dress. This Taylor dress never fails to cheer me up, and even if the color doesn't seem to fit the season, I couldn't help but wear it anyways. An anorak jacket and boots kept it grounded for the weather. 

What do you wear on rainy gross days? 

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  1. What a trooper you are to brave the the pic on the bridge:)

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. Usually I dress like a complete bum on rainy days, but I like your thinking, I should wear something cheery and bright to counteract the gloominess :)

    Really cute dress!

  3. The light in these photos is amazing! Aren't you glad you took them? :)

  4. The bright turquoise is fab with those subdued neutrals.

    And I admire your dedication, lady!

  5. I like the contrast of the dresses color against everything else.
    As for me and rain, I lived in a literal rain forest for almost 10 years and I'm still trying to figure out :(
    I hope to conquer that problem this winter.

  6. The rain was amazing! Love the boots and kudos for braving the rain.

  7. Sometimes the rain makes me feel gross so I just throw on whatever I see. Other days, I'll semi dress up and throw on a pair of boots to keep myself dry :)

    Love the scenery and your pop of color :)

    Just Better Together

  8. You look radiant in that shade of turquoise!

  9. Colorful turquoise is just the antidote for gloomy rain!

    I love to wear my American Apparel disco pants with a funky sweater on rainy days. Having on something so ridiculous/fierce just puts me in a good mood!


  10. These are some of my favorite pictures of yours yet. I love the one where you're wearing the hood! You're so cute!

  11. Okay, I got behind on blogs and I'm catching up! These are really cool pictures! And I love that dress! Very cute! I think the color is great for any season! I almost always go for bright colors on a rainy gross day!


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