Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making a list and checking it thrice

Dress: Donna Ricco, thrifted;
Boots: Target;
Bag: H&M;
Tights: HUE;
Scarf: thrifted.
How I've worn the dress before: here.

It feels like I've worn this exact outfit before, but I actually haven't, though almost all the pieces are in heavy rotation in my closet. The scarf has been strictly an autumn accessory -- it has a little pattern of leaves on it. 

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and feedback on my graduate school questions. Some of you brought up points that helped boost my understanding of what to expect. I've made a laundry list of considerations, and I'm meeting with the graduate advisor of one program this afternoon to discuss admissions and coursework -- wish me luck!

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  1. Adorable! I love the colored tights/boots combo, and the scarf is a perfect touch.

  2. Cute scarf these Fall colors:)

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  3. The red tights are fabulous in that outfit. I didn't get to comment yesterday, so here are my few thoughts from someone on the other side of things. (Keep in mind I am a professor in the physical sciences, so things are slightly different than in the humanities). Most grad school applications expect you to write some sort of statement. Ask one of your former profs to read that over and give you feedback. Also, use that statement as an opportunity to address any weaknesses in your application. For example, "I know my gpa is low, but notice it has improved over time. I now know how to be a successful student and expect to continue improving my grades." Also talk to your reference letter writers and have a frank conversation with them about what your strengths and weaknesses are. They know you well and want you to succeed or they wouldn't have agreed to write those letters. If you feel comfortable, ask to see the letters before they send them. There tends to be an implicit bias in reference letters for women, even written by other women (there have been studies that show this). For whatever reason people tend to make comments for women that they mean to be helpful but aren't. Such as, "Even though she got married this past year she has stayed committed to her studies." You would rarely see a man's marital status commented on. Contact professors that you are in interested in working with. If they have your name in the back of their mind it might help you rise to the top of the pile. Good luck!

  4. Beautiful outfit! I love the scarf and how everything ties in with the color in the tights. LOVE.

    Best of luck with grad school stuff! That's exciting!

  5. This is such a great outfit, perfect for fall!

    Good luck with your meeting :)

  6. I am so in love with this outfit! I love everything about it. The scarf is too cute :)

  7. On grad school real quick, I agree with someones else's comment on the previous post. Make sure that what you want to study is really what you want to do. I have a MA in sociology and it wasn't until my last semester that I realized that I really don't want to work in that field. Luckily, I got married and had a baby right after I finished, so I haven't had to deal with that problem yet. Sometimes I feel like a big fraud, I have 3 degrees and I still don't know what I want to do "when I grow up".

  8. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE those red tights!!! I want some now!!!

    Good luck with grad school!!

  9. Are those turtles on the scarf?!!! Too cute for words!

  10. love love love the red tights with this! so cute and fallish

  11. AMAZING outfit! And that scarf is just too cute for words. :-)

  12. Ah! I LOVE the red tights with this outfit, and ditto what everyone else said about that fanTAStic scarf!

  13. Loving the tights! Colored tights are so cute this time of year!

  14. I can't wait until it's cool enough around here for tights! I need to restock. And I have those same boots, and I'm itching to bring them into rotation. This outfit is the perfect autumnal inspiration :)

  15. I love the red tights and brown boots with this!

    I second a lot of what Dr. Da had to say about using your written statement to address potential issues with other elements of your application. I also think you need to be willing to change it for each school/program significantly in order to appeal to a future advisor. Many programs won't accept an applicant unless someone wants to take them on as a grad student advisee.


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