Saturday, October 2, 2010

And live like big city kids when the sun goes down

Dress: J. Crew;
Shirt, boots: Target;
Necklace: from Marilou;
Belt: Highland & Ponce,
Calivintage giveaway.
How I've worn the dress: here.
Photos by Jeremiah.
Listening to: "Coffee," by Copeland.

Wore this Friday night downtown on an impromptu dinner date with Jeremiah at our favorite pizza parlor. It's kind of a hole-in-the-wall place, but you get big NYC-style slices and drinks for pretty cheap.

This outfit is very similar to this one, but I decided to go more of a preppy route with the short sleeve collared shirt. I still think the belt goes perfect with the dress's color palette. This dress, as I've mentioned before, used to be hard for me to style, but I've become fond of the pattern. When I first ordered the dress, it was huge on me, because I wasn't familiar with J. Crew's sizing at the time and apparently ordered way up. I took it to a tailor who able to work some miracles by cinching it in around the waist to make it appear more nipped in and like a shift dress. Lesson learned: Find a great tailor. Also, don't buy things on final sale unless you really know your measurements.

Looking around downtown, so many of the college-aged women I saw were still wearing tons of summer clothing -- strapless dresses, sandals, shorts, halters. I felt pretty covered up in comparison. It wasn't a bad feeling or a judgment against them -- just an observation of how I feel like sometimes there's this huge disconnect between what I desire to wear/see in the blogosphere and what's really appropriate for the time of year in my sweltering summer town. I think because I'm more conscious of what I wear now, there's more of an emphasis on changing things up, and so I (and pretty much every other style blogger) have collectively expressed happiness for autumn being here, because we get to experiment more with layering. So sometimes I feel a little crazy when I get a little reality check of what others are really wearing around here, and I'm wearing my tall boots when it's still like 75-80 degrees around here. I guess I'll just keep on doing what I do and wear what I want, but I just might be a couple months ahead of the weather ...

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  1. I think you look wonderful regardless of the season. That dress is so cute.

  2. LOVE your dress,,,,great boots!!!

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  3. I got home soo late, soo tired and soo cranky but guess what?


    It's here waiting for me, yeheeey!! Finally, its here! Sorry, about all the stress and hassle, yay. It's here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some parcel unwrapping to do. I meant it. Bye!

    wait - thank you sooo much, I'm so excited!

    And - I looove this outfit. One of mt favourite, this dress is my all time MVP! and the boots, I want!


  4. Those boots are from Target? I will have to look into that!
    You look great!

  5. I love this outfit. The print on the dress is beautiful. I have a collared short sleeve top that I have been clueless on how to style. Now I have some ideas :)

  6. WAY too fun outfit! And yeah, I guess now I realize why the stores come out with seasonal clothing so early; they've got to keep us interested with new products just like we feel pressure to mix things up for our readers!

  7. Amazing dress!! I love how you styled it.

  8. I like that shirt paired with the dress. And you're right - the belt looks like it was made for it!

  9. Holy HANNAH! I love this outfit! The dress fits you perfectly and it looks fantastic w the boots.

    I hear you on the disconnect between blog and real lfie weather. It's getting cold in Chicago, but those 75 degree days keep popping up and I'm over the whole summer wardrobe biz. Looks like you found the perfect solution!

  10. You look great and the backdrop is fannntastic! I kind of love (er, safe) alleyways for photos. :) The boots are great. I think the biggest disconnect I notice when talking to some friends is their reluctance to wear dresses for anything other than special occasions. Or tights with any sort of color/texture, etc. I think the blogosophere has definitely made me braver...

  11. Hi!Joan,You put it so nicely in words when you talked about how hot it still is and how much us bloggers crave for fall to come.Today I put my boots on despite the heat ,I took my photos and as I walked out the door I felt so silly ( I could only see sandals around ),I had to go back and change. The dress has a great pattern,you are right.

  12. Looks summery enough to me, and comfortable to boot!

    I've tagged you to answer 10 questions about your style and inspirations - hope you like it!


  13. CUTE dress! And you were probably way more comfortable than most all those girls once the sun went down!!

    It's hard to know what to wear when it's 45 in the morning and 78 in the afternoon!

  14. I'm so behind on commenting, but I just had to! It's so crazy seeing you in a "city" environment. Somehow it totally changes the aesthetic of your outfits. I adore this one, too; the dress is just beautiful!

  15. man, i thought that dress was vintage, it's gorgeous. I love how you paired it with a belt. I'm not friends with belts usually.


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