Monday, October 4, 2010

"Mad Men links: Season 4,Episode 11

"Chinese wall," image via AMC.

Last night's episode (and a dose of caffeine before bedtime) provided enough fodder for some "Mad Men"-fueled dreams on my part, which included a midnight swim in the ocean for Bert, and Joan and Peggy moving in together in an apartment above SCDP. Hey Matt Weiner, let's see those hi-jinks happen...

- Interview with Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) over at AMC -- find out his take on Harry's role at SCDP this season.

- Yes, your eyes did not deceive you -- that was Larisa Oleynik (aka Alex Mack) playing Cosgrove's fiancee last night.

Basket of Kisses contemplates the use of the "Chinese wall" last night, and how all sorts of boundaries are being broken between characters.

- More info about Jon Hamm's SNL hosting gig: It'll run October 30,and Rihanna is the musical guest.

- Learn how to make an old-fashioned --- ABC's got some MM-inspired drink recipes.

- In case you needed more John Slattery in your life, he's just been tapped as the new spokesman for Lincoln.

- The New Republic contemplates SCDP's fate with all the new bombshells dropped this week.

- And finally, imagines a battle between Don Draper and Dexter Morgan. [via Basket of Kisses]

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  1. ooh, thanks! I totally missed Alex Mack last night...I might rewatch the episode...

  2. LOVE LOVE this show!! Thanks for the recap hunnie:)

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