Friday, May 21, 2010

Another day older

Listening to: "Sixteen Tons," Johnny Cash's cover of it.
White blouse: Target;
Vest: Gap;
Skirt: Michael Michael Kors;
Shoes: Aerosoles.

Here's a quick snap at what I wore to work the other day. The Aerosoles didn't do too bad after an eight-hour shift. I liked it a little because I felt a little studious-looking in it, and I was comfortable, but to be honest, I really hated not having enough color in my outfit that day. Please ignore the bleary-eyed look on my face -- I was still in the middle of waking up.

I'm still trying to navigate exactly what I can wear to work. My boss just said "Wear all black," but looking around the store, there are so many variations of that, with people throwing in color wherever they feel like (sweaters, shoes, etc). I'm thinking my managers are probably more conservative about the dress code than other areas of the store, so I'm going to find out soon exactly what I can get away with.

On another note, it's Friday. Usually that would mean the end of the workweek for most, but today is actually my "Tuesday" if that makes sense. My next days off are on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I seriously cannot wait for them.

So, lovelies, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And I'm hoping mine flies right by. :)

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  1. I worked at a job for three years while I was in college, and I had to wear a uniform: skirt, white button down, vest, or blazer, and tie. We had to wear black or navy shoes only. Very restrictive. At least with your dress code you can sort of push at the boundaries and see exactly where they are.

    The outfit is adorable and I hope your days off arrive quickly!

  2. I love the turquoise sandals with the more tailored looking outfit ... it's like a little party is walking around with you!

  3. Love the super chic skirt and the turquoise sandals!! You look wonderful.

    I hope the weekend flies by!!

  4. your outfit is pulled together so nicely! congrats!

  5. Very cute. I seriously love those shoes.

    I'm glad things are going well at the job so far. And hooray for days off!

  6. At least you have some gorgeous turquoise in your shoes. Just look down at your feet when you need a pick me up!

  7. You look beautifully serene in this photo. That is great news about the dresscode- hopefully you'll be able to experiment (slightly) more freely.


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