Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wishing for the sea

Top: NY&Co.;
White pleated skirt: thrifted;
Flats: Miss Trish of Capri, Target;
Sally the sailboat pin (yep, I named this brooch, too): thrifted.

Thank you so much for all of your comfy shoe suggestions. Later this week I'll be checking out a couple of brands during my work breaks. I'll keep you updated on what I end up choosing -- I'm really excited to be treating my peds!

So this outfit. I have been dying to wear this skirt I thrifted months ago, but The Dress Project made me forget I had it in my closet until now. One trip to the cleaners and I was set to wear it. I love the little pleats and decided to go with a nautical theme today. The sideways bun, the neck-tie top and skirt made me feel like a cross between Cecelia Tallis from "Atonement" and Betty Draper from "Mad Men" (especially in this scene). Actually, because of the patriotic colors, I might repeat a version of this outfit for July 4th.

Hope you all have a happy Wednesday!

signature1 by you.

p.s. I really like the dancing picture -- I think it captures a good bit of my silly personality!


  1. What a fun, lovely look! I think the shirt is a great color on you. Yay for dancing photos!

  2. I have that shirt in the blue verson and I can't ever figure out how to wear it! I like the way you left the tie untied. I always fumble with it all day, trying to tie it in different ways, and I always end up thinking it's just a really difficult top. You make it effortless, though!

  3. What a cute little pin and I love the pleats in the skirt!

  4. woohoo, twirly skirt! You look lovely. The blouse with the white skirt is especially punchy. And you know I love that pin :o)

  5. My type of skirt as well :)
    Cute, fun look!

  6. You look great! Sally is a fantastic accessory. :-)

    Oh and I love the shoutout for Atonement. Love that film, love Keira Knightly & James McAvoy and love love love the fashion aesthetic. (Can we say green dress, anyone?)

    Have a great day!

  7. You look so pretty today - I am especially digging photo #2.

    I wish I had long enough hair to achieve the side bun - or the coordination in "hair wrangling."

  8. Love the skirt. It flows so nicely. I too have a side bun today! Love them. And your dancing picture reminds me of my shimmy. You're adorable!

  9. There is a skirt quite similar to this on etsy... I might just buy it now that I've seen how cheery (but not cheerleader-y) a pleated white skirt can look! :)

  10. Love these pictures, and that sailboat pin is incredible!

  11. Oh that pin is so darling!
    And I love your hair like that.

  12. I'm enjoying your brooch collection! Love the skirt!!

  13. I like your top, and what a great place to take photos

  14. i LOVE that skirt!!! jealous!

  15. Love love love this outfit. Its so pretty and summery!

    P.S. I love it when you tie your hair up!


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