Thursday, May 6, 2010

Monochromatic (sort of)

Orange printed top: Old Navy;
Orange camisole: Urban Outfitters;
Orange wool printed skirt: Ann Taylor, thrifted;
Heels: Tayla platforms, Target;
Jade bracelet: Finder's Keepers.
How I've worn the skirt before: here.
How I've worn the top before: here.

If there's anything The Dress Project has taught me, it's how to appreciate my separates. Often the quickest way to change the tone of an ensemble would be through adding a skirt here, a sweater there. I decided to shift some of my dress-centric focus yesterday by wearing my separates collection.

I was pretty inspired by Sal's monochrome outfit post last week about how to wear all one color. I've always been drawn to the color orange and seem to have lots of it in my closet, so I decided to add a few pieces together. I ended up loving this a lot and it felt fun to wear. To avoid looking like a piece of fruit or too much like a prison jumpsuit, I played with pattern (tribal printed top, orange-lined skirt) and texture (cotton, wool). It also helped that splashes of white (in the top) and pink (in the skirt) helped break up the oranges. I've had all these pieces for awhile, but this is one of those outfits that I think I wouldn't have worn two years ago, or even one year ago, because I would have been a scaredy-cat for wearing too much of one color. Now, I feel liberated. How many separates do I have that are matchy-matchy or similar in color? A lot! I think one day I will wear head-to-toe orange (accessories and shoes too!).

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  1. I like your almost monochromatic look a lot. The pattern mixing in it is great!

    I love the new banner!

  2. Pinks, reds and oranges are such a great color pallet for you. I luv a gal who isn't afraid to wear bold colors, and you do it so well.

  3. Lovely! I really like the different textures and subtle patterns in this.

  4. This is a great outfit in a lovely location. I love your new header, too!

  5. Can I borrow your shoes, Joann??

    Love love love the new banner! It looks great and so do you.

  6. That bracelet is insanely gorgeous, especially against the orange outfit.

  7. Hurrah! Another monochrome convert. And the oranges are fab on you, lady.

  8. Love the pattern mixing. It's a great combo!

  9. What a great blog! I love your outfit! The colors are beautiful!

  10. I love this blog and your style. I have started an fashion blog myself and would love it you could take a look at it.

  11. Aaah! I LOVE this pairing! It adds so much interest.


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