Thursday, May 27, 2010

Treasured: Hawaii bracelet

This installment of "Treasured" comes at a special time --- this Sunday will mark my one-year wedding anniversary with Jeremiah. To celebrate, I decided to share one of my all-time favorite pieces: my bangle that I purchased while we were on our honeymoon in Honolulu, HI.

On the fourth day we were there, we did some shopping at Aloha Stadium, which is a giant open marketplace around the island's stadium. Lots of clothing, jewelry, food and trinket vendors were there, and we were trying to find items to take back home to our family. I was also looking for something for myself -- I always like to get an item to wear so that I can always be reminded of the great times I had while on vacation.

Monetarily, this bracelet is insignificant -- I paid $4 for it, and looking back I should have bought more. I loved the design and the colors, and that at the time, it matched a lot of items already in my closet. It already seemed so cheerful slipped on my arm while we drove back to Waikiki. [See all the ways I've worn it here].

Personally, the bracelet has meant a lot more. I wear it when I feel happy or when I need cheering up. We haven't been on a major vacation since then, so the memories of Hawaii have had to sustain us during this year. When I look at it, it reminds me of everything from that honeymoon trip, especially the many good things --- playing in the ocean, climbing Diamond Head, going to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

But more than that vacation, the bracelet reminds me of our marriage. Every time I've worn it, I'm reminded of how life has been since we've been together, and though this year hasn't been completely perfect, the bangle seems to symbolize the promise that life can be wonderful.

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  1. just stumble on your blog. that bracelet look so perfect for summer outfits esp in Hawaii! that bracelet kinda reminds me of the one i got in Dubai, but the designs are different. :)

  2. 4 bucks for that bracelet? that's an awesome bargain, and it looks so much more expensive!

  3. What a lovely bracelet and reminder of your relationship and marriage!

  4. Beautiful bracelet! I have honeymoon earrings that make me have similar feelings :-)

    Have a WONDERFUL anniversary on Sunday!!

  5. What a great bracelet for such a wonderful price! Take care.

  6. that is so sweet to read! Happy Anniversary! Will you be sharing wedding pictures with us so we can see your outfit from your big day? :)

    and that bracelet is awesome! I wish I could handle bracelets more.


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