Sunday, May 30, 2010

One year ago

One year ago today, I got up early and put on some jeans and a tank top. 
I went to the hair parlor and got my hair updone. I watched as my sister's hair was curled too. (My stylist was so cool I've since gone back to that place to get my haircut.)
I bought a Coke at the dollar store and chugged it as I flew down the road to the church.
I walked into the back room and saw several of my girlfriends in a state of flurry: fixing hair, putting on makeup, eating.

I hugged everyone, and got to work on my own makeup. I used a coterie of MAC, Nars and Clinique products on my face. They lasted all day.
I wore a flower wreath in my hair. Many people asked me if there was a significance as to why I didn't wear a veil. I liked the scene from "Little Women" where they all wore flower wreaths at Meg's wedding. The March sisters influenced me in many ways.

I put on my dress that I bought at David's Bridal. I wasn't a bride girl. I was way too casual for that. This dress worked. I liked the beading on the back.

I drank lots of champagne. Maybe way too much. I ate some crackers to fill my stomach. It didn't work. I sounded giddy in response to everything.

I took pictures with my sister and bestest girlfriends in the world.

They wore the dresses I let them pick out on their own, based on my favorite colors. It was my first time seeing them altogether. Some of them already had them in their closets. I wanted them to wear what they already loved on themselves.

I took lots of pictures.

I pondered my flowers.

And then I waited. 

As other activities happened.

My cue was one particular part of "Clair de Lune." It was also his cue to walk up the aisle to me.

If my father were still alive, he would have probably walked me down the aisle. Instead, I walked with Jeremiah. It worked this way. It symbolized how we wanted our marriage to be -- on equal footing.

I got married.

There was lots of picture-taking. 

And dancing.

And cake. 

In reality, we had way more people show up than the number on the original guest list. Luckily, we had extra food so it didn't matter. It also didn't matter because we felt honored that so many people wanted to see us that day. People from Boy Scouts, and church, and from out of state. It was a giant reunion.

And then, after all of it was done...

We laughed at the newness of calling each other "husband" and "wife," and drove off to the airport for our honeymoon.

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Joann! What a lovely, touching recap to your wedding day - everyone looked so happy and full of love, and you looked like the perfect, beautiful bride.

    I hope you two enjoy the day!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You look so lovely in these photos!

  3. aww happy anniversary! I LOVE the back of your dress! elegant and simple. lovely wedding!

  4. Happy anniversary!! You were such a beautiful bride (still are a beautiful wife).

    I've been meaning to ask you what the card you finally selected said?

  5. That is so precious. I've been married almost sixteen years, and I still grin when I think about that special day. Congratulations!

  6. Gosh, I seriously was tearing up at your pictures. You did your wedding the right way- no bridezilla insanity, just perfection. It shows how classy you are that you let your bridesmaids pick their own dresses and you were honored, not annoyed, that your guest list was exceeded. Wow. : )

    I hope you have a wonderful first anniversary- and many more to come, of course. Congratulations!

  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What gorgeous photos. I loved getting a peek of your very special day :)

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  9. Beautiful wedding photos! You looked amazing!! Hope the anniversary celebration was wonderful:-)

  10. awww you looked so gorgeous at your wedding and i adore the little women inspired wreath instead of the traditional veil. (i'm loving the large number of cakes as well! haha) :)
    happy anniversary joann. i hope you have fun celebrating!

  11. Awww I love seeing wedding photos! You looked so elegant, and I love the mis-matched bridesmaids dresses.

  12. This is so sweet! I love your account of the day and I got chills reading it. You looked amazing and that dress is gorgeous! I so prefer an understated beauty like that than a huge, poofy statement-y dress. Congratulations!

  13. What a lovely way to remember your day. I teared up at the part where you met in the middle and walked the rest of the way together. Happy late anniversary!

  14. Omg so sweet! Happy first anniversary!

  15. Happy happy anniversary! What a wonderful post, and such gorgeous photos.

  16. awww what a beautiful post! I love your DB dress and think I'll be looking their first for mine :) loooove this post to pieces! oh, and happy belated 1st anniversary :)

  17. I got goosebumps and heart palpitations during this post! Happy Anniversary, Joann! Your wedding looks like it was wonderful and happy.


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