Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dress: Spenser Jeremy, thrifted;
Shoes: Tayla platforms, Target;
Necklace: thrifted.

This dress typifies every internal monologue I seem to have with myself when I go thrift shopping. Here's what my brain discussed when I saw this dress:

JoAnn's Left Side of the Brain: You don't need another dress. Get out of this section now. Run.

JoAnn's Right Side of the Brain: Oooh, green! I love this color. And it's Grecian-inspired. Isn't the little side-tie just darling? Just darling! And it fits well. Think of all the possible outfits!

Left Side: Be reasonable. Green, aqua, turquoise already have taken their place in the closet. You know this. We had a Dress Project after all, in which we discussed the merits and pitfalls of every single frock. Come on, don't make me get the frontal lobe involved here.

Right Side: But it's 100% silk. You can feel that it's a good thing. Natural fabrics. Sofffft.

Left Side: But you could use that money in a practical way. Save for graduate school. Open a Roth IRA.Whatever you want. Let's discuss.

Right Side: It's only $2.

Left Side: You're speaking my language. I give up.

Welcome to the club, new dress.

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  1. $2! I really need to be a better thrifter!

    Also, your brain is funny :)

  2. Go right brain! Glad it won out - the dress is lovely.

  3. Love that you have an inner monologue going on when shopping. I feel like I do the same thing! hehe.

    love the banner btw. I haven't been checked in the blogs I follow in a while, and its very fresh :)

    Wanderlusting Fool

  4. I think the discussion led to the right decision! Great dress!

  5. ha, so funny! the dress is great (and $2! you can't beat that)

  6. good job right brain! lol ...

    love these photos and the platforms are killer! ure gorgeous love!

  7. $2?????? Amazing!

    And it looks amazing on you as well. The color does look beautiful.

  8. Wow! Another great post
    as per usual! LOVE your
    blog soooo much! Such
    an inspiration! Am
    definitely bookmarking
    you! Hope you can stop
    by mine sometime :)

  9. haha this post is adorable and made me laugh. i love the cut and style of this dress and i'm pretty sure that necklace was made for that dress! :)

  10. LOL... i spilled my coffe... FUNNY!
    The dress is gorgeous!

  11. isn't compromise wonderful?! It's lovely, and of course for $2, not even worth the debate. That necklace is pretty as well. I love that you paired the pseudo-Roman-key necklace with a Grecian dress to give a very modern look. :o)

  12. Oh my brain does the same thing!
    But this dress is very lovely, I'm with right brain.

  13. Love the internal dialogue! That dress really is fantastic so I'm glad for you that you picked it up! The necklace is perfect, too.


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