Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dressing my best, part two

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft;
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: Target;
Silver Bangle: gift.
How I've worn the dress before: here.

I had Wednesday off from work, so it was nice to wear as much color as I felt like. This is Dress #2 from The Dress Project, and it feels like it's been forever since I've worn it. I love the paint splatter effect of the pattern. For Academichic's "Dressing Your Best" week, I decided to draw some attention to my waist by wearing a contrasting belt. Throughout my life, I've had a smaller waist in proportion to my body, and whenever I wear a belt it highlights more of an hourglass figure. It's one of my favorite features because no matter how much my weight has fluctuated in the last five years, my body shape has remained somewhat constant. I really ended up liking this look and felt really confident wearing it to the park and to the grocery store. And, in addition to the four inch heels from Target, I felt sky-high and totally on top of the world.

I've been awestruck reading other bloggers' accounts of Dressing Their Best --- it's been amazing to read how others are embracing their broad shoulders, hips, legs, derrieres, etc. It's refreshing, because it's so counterintuitive to what we're told to feel about our body images by societal pressures and lady magazines. It's nice to see others flaunt what makes them unique.
 Are you Dressing Your Best this week? And if so, how is it impacting the way you feel about your clothes, and body image?

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  1. The print on that dress is gorgeous, and you have a beautiful figure!

    I celebrated my hair and eyes in today's post.

  2. You look so lovely, per usual. I think the reason I love reading blogs is precisely because of Dress You Best. If we want to see real women being empowered, I say read blogs. They are incredible (role) models!

  3. I celebrated my eyes in today's post and I was so surprised at how when I put effort forth to do so, it really brings out a feature I truly do love!

    I do love the feeling of empowerment that this project gives me... and I also like seeing other bloggers participate and show their best assets and share how they dress them well.

  4. You look so pretty today - I think every day should be "dressing my best" day!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading every single post even if I forget to comment. First, I understand your frustration with not being able to graduate. Second, you are handling the situation with such dignity and grace. Third, you are just as beautiful as your gorgeous surroundings.

    I enjoy looking at your outfits every day!

  6. You are definitely a dress kind of girl. You look wonderful yet again :-)

    I haven't been doing Dress your Best week, but I've loved seeing everyone's posts. Keep up the good work!

  7. Beautiful dress, I love the pattern.

  8. Such a pretty figure! The belt highlights it perfectly.

    I celebrated my complexion in today's post but my hair for tomorrow.

    Polka Dot Biker Shorts

  9. Love the contrasting belt!
    I've really enjoyed being more positive about my body instead of thinking of what I "can't" wear I think of what would look great :)

  10. Love this dress! and belt looks fab!

  11. You look unbearably lovely, doll. Amazing how a contrasting belt draws the eye right to that tiny waist of yours.

  12. I love that dress, and I love the red belt you picked to accentuate your lovely figure. Those colors look sensational on you.

  13. This dress looks like it was MADE for you!


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