Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Perfect Work Shoes

                                                       [Clark's Carrie May sandals]

I finally found you. I looked at all the lovely brand recommendations my blog readers kindly gave me. I tried some pairs on. I pondered, I thought, I wrinkled my brow. Somewhere in there I may have harumphed.

I bought you late last week when my feet couldn't take it anymore, and luckily, you delivered. You've survived five days of 8-hour shifts and my feet no longer throb. In fact, if they could, they would sing. Sing your praises, sing you a love song. I'd be okay with my feet becoming ballad singers. Watch out, Celine.

And not only that, you are so damn stylish. You don't look orthopedic in nature, which is what many of your forefathers looked like when they prioritized comfort. You look like some version of shoe that, if I was living in the 1960s, I would have totally rocked you. But I live in 2010, and I still think you are awesome. Knowing that I can wear your heels makes me feel better about my day. I look down at you during the day and I smile. Maybe I will buy your cousins in different colors and you could create a band and tour the country. Maybe I will name you. For now you are Righty and Lefty. You are worthy of more creative names.

Now if you knew how to make milkshakes, file taxes and curl my hair, you would be the best shoe of all time. Of all of history. Maybe you could start working on those skills. I'll be patient.

Love and Pedicures,

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  1. love the kitten heel :)

  2. You are too cute! I love your ode to your new shoes. I don't care what anyone says, it's cosmic when a gal finds the right shoe. Congrats on your beautiful new relationship ;-)

  3. oooh-i just got my first pedicure in like, a year, the other day and i thought to myself "why the hell don't i do this more often!"

    *sigh* they're the best.

  4. Very cute! It is def hard to find cute and comfortable shoes for work. I have basically given up and pretty much wear ballet flats everyday.

  5. Adorably written post! SO happy you've found some comfy shoes to work in!

  6. I like these because I too and always looking for cute heels to wear at work. Now if only I could find more skirts that were long enough....

  7. whats the price damage, if you don't mind me asking? I've been searching around, clarks, cole haan, etc...for comfy, non orthopedic looking shoes, but they are so expensive! Always 100+...maybe I'm looking at the wrong places

  8. Hooray I'm so glad you found a solid pair of shoes! I really just abuse my feet. I can only now wear the shoes I like because my current retail job allows me to take sit down breaks.

  9. Lucky! I totally need perfect work shoes!


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