Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today we escape, we escape

Listening to: "Exit Music for a Film," Radiohead
(from Baz Luhrmann's "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" soundtrack)
Top, Tights, Sweater, Shoes: Target;
Skirt: The Limited;
Trenchcoat: Banana Republic; 
Bag: thrifted;
Necklace: Some shop in Gatlinburg, Tenn., circa 2001.

Just an easy Saturday outfit -- guilt-free lunch at Waffle House, a couple hours at Barnes & Noble and chili dinner with family.

I've had most of these items for a long time now and I'm still trying to make full use of all the items in my closet.  I know I am reiterating a common blogger complaint, but it's really hard to stay creative when it's just so cold outside. I'm hibernating today, hoping for the cold rain to go away so I can play outside soon.
I'm excited for the next few days -- Work reception, weekend party at our place and a family reunion at Maggiano's. I feel like I have a lot to look forward to.

About the title. I studied Latin for five years and I had the great fortune of taking a class in college with a well-regarded-in-the-field Latin professor who actually wrote our textbook. He was a nice professor, and really challenged our class by making us converse in Latin and look for modern examples of it. Anyways, he had edited the textbook to have beautiful illustrations and quotes, I suppose to keep the Latin stories interesting. One day in class we were reading Ovid's "Pyramus and Thisbe" which is a very Romeo-and-Juliet story and these lyrics were printed across from this illustration: 

"Wake from your sleep/the drying of your tears/today we escape, we escape." Which are very fitting, haunting words for both stories. I just thought it was so cool that my 60+ year old professor, who was into all things ancient, was awesome enough to have Radiohead lyrics from a Baz Luhrmann film in his Latin textbook.
Ok, back to watching "Love Actually" now.


  1. This skirt is lovely, you look so pretty in your today outfit! (Your sister skirt 2 post down is also amazing!) Thank you for the Christmas Movie list: I had forgotten about some of those and will be watching again soon!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  2. Loving that trench! 5 years of Latin?!!! Impressive, I barely made it through 1 year of Greek and half a semester of Latin (I had to drop it, because it was Independent Study! I didn't have enough self-motivation!)

  3. Oh I adore that beautiful print on your skirt! It's so perfect with those tights!

  4. I Love those shoes! They look perfect with your outfit!

  5. wow i bet Latin is a difficult word but lucky you to understand the language :D love your floral skirt girl ;)

  6. Your outfit is very cute! I actually like cold weather for playing with fashion since you get so many more pieces to experiment with, what with layering tights and coats and turtlenecks with dresses and skirts and whatnot, but I do know what you mean -- sometimes when it's so miserable outside it's hard to even think of anything but maximizing warmth in the most boring way.

    I love that J.W. Waterhouse painting...I took a semester in Oxford studying Art History (verrrry unrelated to my majors and my current job) just because I fell in love with his work.

  7. the location looks gorgeous and the shoes are fab!

    thanks so much for the lovely comment

    Stay safe and chic darlings
    English Rose x

  8. Wow! I love your skirt and your blue coat! shoes are so beautiful too! you look perfect! kisses!

  9. I love love love that trench in the first pic up there! it really compliments the entire outfit! Lovely lovely.


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