Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Scout is thrifty.

 Functional fixedness: a term used in psychology for the cognitive bias or the inability to realize that something known to have a particular use may also be used to perform other functions.

Shirt: Acquired for Camp Rainey Mtn., circa 2003; Undershirt: LEI, remixed; Skirt: Kors Michael Kors, sale, remixed; shoes: Etienne Aigner, sale; Big shell necklace: from Philippines, gift; smaller shell necklace and blue/red bracelet: Aloha Stadium Flea Market, Honolulu, HI; Black cougar bracelet: vintage store, remixed.
When I was in high school, I worked at a Boy Scout camp for two summers, teaching merit badge classes to young boys aspiring to become Eagle Scouts. (Because of the Venturing co-ed scout program, the camp hired girls and it wasn't uncommon to see co-ed crews, or troops, come to camp.)
 Because of sentimentality to the program and from the fun I had while I was there, I've kept several clothing and vintage finds from those summers. But I've also kept things that I had no intention of wearing again, like my BSA button-up dress shirts. I had only seen them in the function of being used at camp, and not in everyday life. I'm a pack rat.
  But wouldn't it be fun to glamorize something that normally isn't typified in that way? And how to do it without coming off as a Halloween costume? I decided to treat my old shirt as a neutral, almost like a safari shirt, and to pile on the jewelry and heels. I suppose the same thing could be done with an old Dickies shirt too. This was a fun experiment and I may actually find new uses for this shirt.
What about you -- do you have any clothing tht you hang onto because of sentimental reasons, and have you tried to wear it?

On another note, it has officially gotten too cold for me in Atlanta. I hope I can keep putting creativity into my daily wears instead of my usual response (crawling into bed for another 20 minutes and giving up). :) Oh winter, please be my muse.
P.S. Nik and I joined Weardrobe -- check it out! We're still figuring it out, so be kind :) If you have a profile too, we'd love to see your Weardrobe looks!


  1. Now, you just made me want to go on a hunt for an Eagle Scout shirt. LOL :)

    You look so adorable!


  2. This is really cute! I love your application of functional fixedness to clothing, brilliant! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Great use of that shirt. I'll love the styling - you would make Katherine Hepburn proud!

  4. I'm a sucker for button-up shirts and this one is awesome!

  5. this is a great look - very chic

    thanks for the lovely comment - i would definately be up for guest posting in the future =]

    English Rose x


  6. I'm in love with that skirt. Did you wear that to work?

  7. I love that Scout top! The collar and pockets are great!

  8. I just love the boy/girl scout feel of that top! I love how you paired it with a pencil skirt too!


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