Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cause that's the way things happen on the Polar Express, you bet!

I must mention that I am a very lazy/ busy person. OK, not as busy as my fellow classmates but about 10 times lazier and way more distracted. But, I'm trying. It's my junior year in high school and I have a lot to do (and my family never lets me forget it). Also some days I have a tough time being creative, and it's easy to fall back into my lazy ways. So, forgive me if I post only a couple times a week.
listening to: Polar Express
Here's a mediocre day of school-wear.  I would have worn a beret but my school forbids hats, as most schools do, because all hats are considered gang related. 

Today was colder than usual. And seeing how my hands easily get old I protected them with my sleeves. I do that often. My band director used to tease me for that (he would keep the band room freezing and you would never see my hands).

The only reason I felt the need for a post (even though it's lacking creativity) was for this mustard yellow cardigan. I don't own many things of this color and I find it refreshing from all my blues, and greens. And it's different (at least to me) in the fact that it's not just yellow. It's mustard yellow, I think that's pretty awesome all on it's own.

 what i wore: mustard yellow cardigan: target, top h&m, undershirt: american eagle, jeans hand-me-down, itty bitty gold locket: gift.

 Time to split.
Homework needs to be done for my concert. I hope it goes well...the concert I mean, I don't really care how my homework goes. Concerts are fun, and this is my last one until February, and also it's Christmas music and who doesn't enjoy that?
 listening to: Polar Express
P.S- I'd like to thank all of those who follow this blog. It's very exciting to get new followers and comments. Thanks!


  1. Mustard is one of my newly favorite colors! You look cute and comfy for school, good luck!

  2. Very pretty cardigan! The color is great!


    ohh.. and Thank you to you and your sister for visiting Django and I blog! Your girl are adorable!

  3. you are so cute! I love the color of that cardigan! And also thank you for the tidbit about John Lennon. Spooky actually because I had NO Idea.


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