Saturday, December 12, 2009

C-C-C-Cinnamon lips and candy kisses

Yesterday, blogger was acting weird, or perhaps it was my computer? I have no idea but I was unable to post this. This outfit was put together after I learned that I was going to get my braces off in less than a month! Exciting :)
title post: C-C-C-Cinnamon lips by OK GO 
Actually listening to: minute in G

Have I mentioned that absolutely hate flash with a passion?
Well, I do. Sorry for the dark pictures.

 I know I wore something similar to this last Saturday, but I haven't worn this shirt since the 6th grade and that necklace had it's first outting, and they looked so well together. So, I just had to wear this to school yesterday.

I love this belt.

Goodbye braces!
After next week I should be able to post more. Next week is finals (bleh). But after that it's two weeks of freedom. Then the day after break I get to see my teeth. :)

what i wore friday: gap shirt, thrifted old navy skirt, thrifted necklace, h&m belt, american eagle shoes (not shown)


  1. Yay your braces are coming off!
    Cute belt and skirt :)

  2. yey for getting braces off :) though it will be weird to see you with out them. and i told you at school that i love your gobstober necklace :p

  3. You should try this website! It's great for editing your photos and fixing them up.


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