Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Most of my friends know that I am a pretty big Batman fan -- the origins, the comics, the movies, everything, appeal to me. When "The Dark Knight" came out last year I was at the height of my fandom, because almost every single day there was a new article or slideshow or something related. And when I was in New York, I kept my eye out for similarities between the fictional and real Gothams.
Feeling some inspiration from watching the movies, I decided to redo the wardrobe of Batman's damsel, in three outfits that depict the stages of their relationship:

Outfit 1: They've just met, and Bruce Wayne is already smitten with her. Miss Femme Fatale wears a warm red dress and cloche hat that evoke a 1920s style, but her sword necklace gives off a mysterious vibe, in that she is not the innocent photgrapher/district attorney/etc. that she may appear to be. It is also a bit of a demure outfit, in case an evil baddy decides to kidnap her and she has to fly in the air.
Outfit 2: After Batman saves her from being a Gotham underground hostage, she's sensing that they've met before. At the museum  benefit that Commissioner Gordon hosts later that night, she approaches the dashing Wayne. The mask earrings and black dress hint that she may be on to his secret identity; the unicorn pumps suggest that she's willing to suspend her disbelief about a bat superhero.
Outfit 3: In the final showdown at Gotham City's 200th anniversary gala, she appears in her nicest ballgown saved for her spotlight moment of being kidnapped yet again by the evil baddy. The glitz and red shoes express her desire for Bruce/Batman to notice her, but the outfit also makes her the primo target at the gala because she is the prettiest, shiniest person there. Once Batman saves her, she kisses him in a longing, lingering way; however, because she knows his identity, her life will be in danger if they continue their forbidden relationship. She breaks it off, and promptly moves to Metropolis, hoping to catch a break there.

The End. Not bad, eh? Christopher Nolan, please call me and I will be your stylist! :)

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