Monday, December 7, 2009

Of history repeating

004 by you.

007 by you.

011 by you. 
 Listening to:"The House Our Father Knew," Jump, Little Children.

Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal, Nordstrom Rack;
Sweater: Mossimo, gift from Doily;
Trenchcoat: Banana Republic;
Bag: Unknown label, thrifted from Goodwill;
Socks: Marshall's;
Shoes: Target, remixed.

Today was a mess, partly because I attempted to be super-productive -- at one point I was literally doing 5 things at once, which is not good. But today's over, and I got the most important things done.

These photos were taken yesterday when my lovely sibs Billy and Nikki came to visit. We watched the Watchmen and Billy proceeded to tell me what he got me for Christmas, unprompted. Oh, well. That's one of our quirky family traditions and I suppose the holidays wouldn't be the same if we all could keep our gift-givings a secret from each other.

I love this outfit because it was so easy and comfortable. This was one of my first forays in pattern mixing, and I like the dark colors of the dress enough to incorporate it into my winter wardrobe every year.
I know that I put myself on a personal shopping ban a few weeks ago, but I allowed myself to get socks, because I feel like those are more of a necessity in winter than other clothing items and so I wasn't going to let myself feel guilty over something like that. I found the socks on Saturday and I am glad that knee-high socks are in this season because I wanted a new variation to tights. Am I the only one who gets excited over socks/tights shopping? The bag was a Goodwill find -- I really like the buttercream color and think it'll be a good neutral messenger bag.
In regards to thrifting -- I often find myself daydreaming about the past owners of my thrifting finds.  What were they like? How did they incorporate the item into their own wardrobe? What was the rest of their closet like? How did the piece end up in a thrift store? Are they still alive? I think this is why thrifting appeals so much to me -- I am buying a piece from someone's life.
If an item is handed down, you can get a better sense of who the previous owner was (like a great aunt), but in places like Goodwill or Salvation Army, it's nearly impossible. It'd be interesting to figure out whether certain personality types or occupations go for the same kinds of clothes, or if items go through reincarnations and is worn dramatically different with every new owner.
Still, it's fun to wonder about the lives of others.


  1. cute. i love the background

  2. I love the floral against the stripe... really, a stripe is pretty much a neutral anyways.
    Haha, I also am terrible at keeping presents a secret. I usually tell or hint strongly so they can prepare their 'I love it' face or tell me to exchange in advance. I know picky people.

  3. Cute combo of stripes and print.

  4. Cute outfit! The mixing of these patterns are great!


    P.S. It is a brooch on my skirt in my last post. The skirt was missing a button; and my friend had the great idea to put a pretty pin there instead of replacing the button. :)

  5. love the pattern mixing here--i will have to copy this!


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