Monday, December 28, 2009

Feeling professor-y


Dress (as top): Disney World, circa 2001
Ruffle sweater: Anne Taylor Loft, gift
Giant white sweater: Unknown label, free
Wool skirt: Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Tights and boots: Target
Bag: Vintage, thrifted
Monsho the turtle pin: Vintage

Just a lazy Monday. Trying to recover from the 23545 family events we had last week, which left me feeling gluttonous from so much good food but grateful for the company.

About the outfit. So the top is actually a dress that I bought in 8th grade during the chorus performance field trip to Disney World. I think I found it in one of the stores in Animal Kingdom. My nostalgia-induced hoarding will not allow me to get rid of it. The dress still fits in the bodice area but it's reallly short now, so it got overskirted by the thrifted Ralph Lauren piece. The vintage bag is something I found at a thrift store while in high school -- it's made of leather and the print is made of a carpet-y material and I love the colors in it.

Got any plans for New Year's yet -- and do you know what you're going to wear? I'm still debating a few ideas, which I may post here.


  1. Very cute! I don't go out for New Years; it's our tradition to stay home and have a horror movie marathon.

  2. Love the ruffle sweater. It's even better that it was a gift! Super cute!! -C

  3. I like this outfit, but maybe it's because I'm a prof. :D That ruffle sweater is fantastic!

  4. That is a really great cardigan! how funny that you still love something you bought so long ago! That was your instincts talking!

  5. my new years outfit may be PJ pants and a favorite t-shirt, a comfy trade in from last year's Banana Republic cocktail dress that my boyfriend says looks like a cinched trash bag with a zipper. So romantic, he is.

    Also, I love that pencil skirt!

  6. Oh, I love this!!! You look great! I'm not sure what I'll be doing for New Years...probably stay at home with my hubby! lol


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