Monday, December 21, 2009

Rodarte for Target review

After scouring the looks for the past couple weeks online, we finally got to see some of the pieces from the Rodarte for Target line. Here's our take!

Outfit 1
Nikki:  This dress looked great on the hanger with its beautiful colors, but when I put it on the collar choked me because the straps were a bit short. Fortunately, the collar can be tucked in, but I'm not sure of how well the dress will hold up on its own.
I liked this cardigan a lot but the buttons didn't align properly.
 Outfit 2
(Worn with my Target Cognac Kady boots)
JoAnn: I had high hopes for this dress when I saw it on the rack.The color in real life is a gorgeous beigey nude with a bit of pink. However, when I tried it on in a medium, I felt like the color really washed me out and it looked more lingerie-y instead of a party frock. I also had major static cling issues and had to keep pulling down the back of the dress so I didn't flash anyone who happened to be standing in the dressing room hallway. I think this would be a good slip dress or layering piece, but I think especially with the nude color on me, I don't know that I would ever wear it on its own. I didn't try the black for fear of the same static issues.

Outfit 3

(worn with american eagle tank top)
Nikki: This shirt looked super cute, but in reality it wouldn't last ten seconds in the wash. The print was nice, but the fabric wasn't durable at all.

Outfit 4

JoAnn: I tried on a medium in this dress and it was too big up top. I loved the print of this dress and it would have been something I could have incorporated into my wardrobe on that alone. However, the fabric of the dress is really thin and would probably need a slip dress underneath it.

Outfit 5

Nikki:This jacket was way too big (keep in mind we just grabbed things off the rack). Like everything I tried on, the print was lovely, but it was extremely thin. In my opinion rain jackets should live up to their name. I would have liked it more if it was a little thicker.

Outfit 6

JoAnn: I liked the fit of this dress - it was a medium and fit pretty true to size. The sequins gave the fabric more weight and the low neckline showed some cleavage. The print definitely stands out and this would be a good party piece.

Outfit 7
and Black Skirt (Not showing up online so I can't find the name of it)

JoAnn: I ended up really liking this combination and felt very me in it. The top is 100% cotton, comfortable and nautical stripes are such a closet staple. I'm wearing an XS in the photo, and though a little tight, the size worked. I think I'm going to wait until I can get a small. The skirt was the right length and had a brocade-ish stripe at the bottom. I think it would be a good basic to have.

JoAnn: The Rodarte for Target line had some bold pieces and beautiful romantic prints. The fit for the most part was true to size. I really did like some of the dresses, but the fabric was often a concern because they looked and felt too thin. I will probably go back for the striped top because I think it's a wardrobe basic that I can't get enough of anyways. I may try to go back for the crepe lace print dress if I can find one in my size. I will also try to go back and see if any nearby Targets have some of the pieces that weren't available at our store.

Nikki: This line had great prints that are quite lovely and are mainly true to size, however, the fabric felt flimsy and felt like it could fall apart in the wash. Like Jo said, the fabric felt a little too thin. The line had a great concept but it didn't seem like it was carried out too well.

What about you -- did you get to try out the line and did you have any favorites? Let us know what you think, and if you agree/disagree with our thoughts!


  1. Love the review, ladies! After reading a bunch of reviews about how flimsy the fabric was (etc), I didn't even go to Target to check it out (hence, no review on my blog). Plus I hate shopping during the holidays. I had high hopes for this but the more I look at the pieces online, the less I like them.

  2. Oh so fun! We don't have Target in Canada so no Rodarte for Target for me! Django really like the dress#1. I love the dress#2 in the black color!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  3. Nice review and photos, ladies! I'll probably be hand washing the pieces that I bought, as I agree that they look delicate. The raincoat looks great on you, Nikki, and I adore the striped top on you, Joann. I'm wishing I'd bought the striped top, but I already have a few Breton tops in black & white. I ended up buying a few dresses, the belt, etc. I also scored the tights online at midnight, so I'm excited to receive those this week. I wrote my review of Rodarte for Target which you can read here:

  4. thanks for the review! I've seen the new Rodarte stuff online, but this is awesome to get to see the pieces on real people. I LOVE the dress in outfit 4, and the hooded raincoat in outfit 5. Both have unique prints that I loovee. I also like the top in outfit 7, a basic layering piece. I might have to go snatch it up.

    ~kerri :)
    Wear Necessities

  5. I love outfits 3 and 7 - great post

    Thanks for your lovely comment dearests

    If I don't speak to you before, have a wonderfully safe and chic Christmas my darlings =]

    English Rose x


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