Friday, December 4, 2009

The fireflies are dancing and the moon comes out

  what i wore tuesday: target top, american rag skirt for macy's, target knee high socks, american eagle shoes, horse necklace: gift
This week has been busy with performance exams and regular tests squeezed in on top, not to mention that I have a band concert coming up, so my clarinet needs some extra lovin'.  Playing the Polar Express is pretty intense and it wipes out my leftover energy.  But taking pictures for the blog has fixed up my sanity just a bit. And now that my book test over Uncle Tom's Cabin is out of the way I can now read Little Women - my sister will be pleased. 

listening to big green tractor by jason aldean

On Thursday, my boyfriend asked my why I wear my belt so high. *sigh* (boys.) I explained to him that with this particular dress, that it essentially looks like a sack, so it's not flattering at all. So, I add things, like a belt or a cardigan or a vest to make it more feminine, so I won't get teased for wearing something that looks like a potato sack. Don't get me wrong, I love the dress all on it's own, I just prefer form fitting clothes.

what i wore: h&m thrifted dress, target cardigan, ann taylor loft belt

Today,when I got home I handed my brother a package from the mail, he opened it and asked 'Do you like mystery novels?'  I said yes and he said, 'Here, Merry Christmas' as he handed a book to me. My brother always has been bad about keeping Christmas presents a secret. So today I received a book by James Patterson, called I, Alex Cross. I've put Little Women on hold as of now. This book sounds a thousand times more fascinating.

Theres no outfit post for today. I was tired this morning and it would have been too much effort to get dressed in something other than what I fell asleep in after a failed attempt at winning trivia the night before (because of my decision to go to trivia I stayed up much longer for homework). However, I was able to catch up on my sleep after reading a good bit of I, Alex Cross. I woke up with my dog and mother passed out on the couches next to me. Needless to say it was cozy.

I suspect I shall finish my new book through the weekend, so I may or may not be posting, I'm not sure... it's a mystery.


  1. boys indeed! I have so much trouble explaining my shoe selections to my husband!

  2. Men just don't understand sometimes :) I love that dress/cardi/belt combo. Fantastic!


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