Tuesday, December 22, 2009

These are probably the worst pies in London

Sorry that I've been away for awhile. School and finals took up most of time and now that it's winter break I'm having trouble deciphering the days. But today I'm aware of the date because it's the night of my good friend's birthday dinner. I'm excited, but, I have no idea what to wear! I love winter, but it's hard to wake up and get dressed in something besides sweats and a sweatshirt. I've been so out of my usual fashion ways. I came up with this one outfit that I love, but I feel like it's too summery and too dressy for something as casual as a dinner. So, I came up with this, but now I'm having second thoughts...

song currently stuck in my head: The Worst pies in London, Sweeney Todd OST 

what i wore:long sleeve forever 21 top, hand-me-down jeans & skirt (worn as top), self made bottle cap necklace
I thought the top as a skirt idea was genius, but I discovered it falls and is a pain to keep pulling up. Another thing that bugged me was it bunched under my arms. The pictures give this outfit justice but, it's just annoying and not for tonight.

I think I'm going to wear this. It's the fore mentioned "summer outfit" in the beginning of this entry.Well...I just added tights and my blue forever 21 shirt, and lo and behold, it works! I thought it would be too dressy because the top over my blue long sleeve shirt is my homecoming dress and it has dressy print. But whatever. I love it.
what i wore: forever 21 shirt and dress (worn as top aka homecoming dress), american eagle skirt, target tights

P.S- I apologize for the strange facial expressions in a couple of the pictures. It was quite sunny and I just grimaced back at the sun.


  1. i like the blue and white dress. it'll be cute. btw were taking pics tonight, i got my dads camera :)

  2. love the second outfit, and i feel you on the difficulty dressing in winter!

  3. I love the print on the skirt!


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