Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You know what they say about the young

Dress: from Dillard's. Sweater, boots, tights: Target.
Orange tank (underneath dress): Urban Outfitters, six years ago.
White trenchcoat: Banana Republic.
Listening to: Rusted Root, "Send me on my way." (aka from Matilda)

The structure in the background of the first picture, and one that you often see a glimpse of in Nikki's photos, is the treehouse our father built 13 years ago. I love it to death and it is sadly deteriorating but I do not want to tear it down. My childhood wouldn't have been the same without being able to spy on the neighbors from the second level, jumping off from the fence and inviting the neighborhood kids to marvel at its size. We were lucky kids.
Nik kindly took my style photos --- she is almost up to feeling all the way better. The backyard was quite the scene when I came to visit -- Billy (our brother) plans on a camping trip soon and had set up one of the family-sized tents to air out. He decided camping in the backyard would be so much fun that he set up for the night -- complete with a space heater and Internet. That juxtaposition of home, camping and modern comforts makes me smile. I will try to take photos tomorrow if he still has it up in the afternoon.

So excited for Thanksgiving!

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