Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rewrite my history, who says I can't be free?

A sneak peek of things to come. I like color-coordinating my closet.

Umm. I really like the new John Mayer song. I think the last time I said that, I was in high school. I had a little dance party in my car on the drive home. Sometimes the workdays are rough, and the traffic to and from is scary and rough, and sometime I just want to feel like a silly kid. Who booty dances in the driver's seat (Idk if that's really possible).

Outfit post:

Jeans: Anne Taylor Loft; Shirt: INC, thrifted; scarf: thrifted; leopard pin: thrifted.

This is what I wore to trivia last night. I liked the nautical theme of the shirt and decided to take it a bit further by adding the scarf and pin. Who says I have to keep the stripes under wraps during the fall?

Those are actually leaves on the scarf. I thought that was appropriate for fall. And that is my new pin, and his name is Greeley. Because I name all my brooches.

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