Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins

Jeremiah and I visited my family today (woohoo day off from work), where we ran into Nikki. She has a major project due on the Canterbury Tales and won't be able to post until later this week. But she was kind enough to take my daily outfit photos and play with us during a break in the rainy weather.

I did get my haircut today, but when I get some more time with playing around and styling it, I will take better photos of it. It's shorter than I was expecting, but I think the new length has a lot of potential. I have a side bang, though!

Dress: Anne Taylor Loft, remixed; Sweater: Target, remixed; shoes: Target, remixed.

One thing I want to do more of is makeup experimentation. I usually play up my lips and cheeks and keep my eyes neutral. The new side bang however puts more focus on my eyes -- it's like having an arrow across my face that draws attention to them. I went really neutral on my makeup because I was feeling very mod with my haircut, but I did define my eyes, which I almost never do.

And for the most amusing photo of the bunch:
This wasn't scripted. Jeremiah was telling Nikki what to do for Christmas shopping this year, and of course, not wanting to be bossed around, she just gave him her best cranky face. Ahahaha.

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