Thursday, November 19, 2009

If you be my star, I'll be your sky

Busy, busy, busy. Teachers are cramming things in and I'm studying every night. Thank goodness there's a wonderful thing called study breaks. 

This was a very simple outfit, I added and eye-popping pink ribbon to brighten it up. The bow and earrings make it more interesting and eye-catching.

If you haven't noticed all my post titles are from songs. And my sister has been inquiring about the songs so here we go:
Today's song is Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk

BTW, my sister is feeling silly about her last post. Jo feels like its a contradiction to a previous post where she said she's trying to cut back on expenses. I pointed out that her post today was a wish, and it's ok to wish for things you want. And who knows? Maybe Santa will get her something from her list.

This picture is my favorite. I walk jump and swing my arms while waiting for the picture to take. It's the most fun and I feel like it adds my own bit of personality to the shot. Because, honestly I don't like standing still, I like to be in action.

what i wore: abercrombie tank top, american eagle undershirt, khols cardigan, hand-me-down jeans, earrings bought on ebay, ribbon stolen from my sister, self-esteem shoes for shoe carnival


  1. Gorgeous pictures...I love the last one too! Ooo and very cute bow, I love how you added it to the cardigan.


    P.S. Tell Jo, her last post wasn't silly at all... it was wonderful! I love wish lists and hers was a great one. :)

  2. Loving the pop of pink!

  3. Beautiful layering! I love the bow, too!


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